3 Simple Home Remedies To Fight Pimples During Pregnancy

So, you’re preparing for a pregnancy. You’ve heard all about the extra weight, nausea, midnight food cravings and mood swings and you’re still feeling brave. Way to go!

We’re going to add one more thing to the list that you may not be familiar with. Yep, pregnancy pimples is a thing you wouldn’t want. But here’s the good news - it doesn’t happen to everyone and even when it does, it’s usually a first trimester occurrence. In any case, it should disappear by the end of your pregnancy.  But before we go into how to make them go away, let’s try and understand what’s going on with your body at this point. 

As you know, growing a tiny human inside your womb is bound to upset a few bodily functions – hormones being one of them. An increase in the hormones called androgens leads to an overproduction of sebum – that sticky substance which is the main accused in chronic cases of acne. Ergo, pimples on face in early pregnancy. Now, this particular type of pimple tends to be rather mild and usually disappears on its own. But if you’re very conscious or if you feel you have a severe case of pimples during pregnancy, you might want to consult your doctor. If you’re going to a dermatologist, please do mention your pregnancy as most anti-acne medication tends to be harmful to your unborn child.

Most women find it easy enough to ignore this mild bout of pimples during early pregnancy, but if it bothers you to no end, you might want to give these safe, homemade remedies for pregnancy pimples a shot. Of course, make sure to keep yourself hydrated, eat every nutritional thing your doctor has prescribed and don’t skip Olay skin care products in your skin care routine. Also, read more on how to check pregnancy test at home.

How To Remedy Pregnancy Pimples with Natural Ingredients

#1 Lemon juice: 

  • Did you know that lemon juice can be used as a type of toner?
  • Loaded with Vitamin C and used widely for its bleaching and antiseptic properties, lemon juice may be directly applied to pimples (only the pimples, not the entire face) and left on overnight.
  • If you have extremely sensitive skin, you might want to dilute the lemon juice in water.
  • Keep doing this at least twice a week to notice a difference.

#2 Aloe Vera Gel:

  • If you can get yourself the plant, nothing like it.
  • Just run a knife or a blade through the fleshy leaf, squeeze out the gel and apply directly on your acne or pimples.
  • Aloe Vera has many therapeutic properties and is often the main ingredient in healing ointments and other skin and hair products.
  • Aloe also has a cooling effect on itchy skin which can be incredibly soothing and prevent scratch-induced blemishes.
  • What’s more, the aloe plant is extremely low maintenance and won’t ask anything of you except that you water it once in a while.

#3 Turmeric:

  • This is the most trusted remedy for pregnancy pimples or well, just pimples.
  • You’re probably too exhausted and lack the motivation to make face packs at this time, but fret not.
  • Just take a pinch of turmeric, add a drop of rose water and apply on the affected areas.
  • Leave on until it dries and rinse your face.
  • You can do this as often as you please (but maybe not more than once a day) to see the difference!

Following these simple steps should help control any pimple on the face during pregnancy. Either way, try to keep your focus on your baby and you’re pregnancy is likely to be stress-free and much enjoyable. Happy nine months! 

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