All the Phases of Menstruation

Each month, your reproductive system repeats a regular pattern of events (your cycle, or your menstrual cycle), all controlled by hormones. The menstrual cycle is defined as the time from the first day of a woman’s period to the first day of her next period.

There are quite a few things that can help – keeping a temperature chart, checking the cervical mucus - but they are not always the most practical. So why not try another natural method to increase the chances? An ovulation test, for example. How does it actually work? Is it really reliable? Explanation. Read the following pregnancy tips for women to help you get pregnant faster.

Getting pregnant is not always as easy it might appear
?6 months, a year, even longer - having a baby requires time and energy. Even with a regular and frequent sex life, achieving your objective means you need to be performing at exactly the right moment. Getting pregnant can simply be a question of the right timing! 

So it's best to maximise your chances of getting pregnant soon
But there's no point in lying to oneself - there is no magic solution for increasing fertility. However, there is one way in which you can know when conception is at its most likely - the ovulation test. ??Practically speaking, this means predicting ovulation a couple of days before it occurs by detecting a sharp increase in lutropin, a hormone whose purpose is to trigger ovulation. Compared with other tests which testify that ovulation has occurred, as in the temperature measuring method, the ovulation test gets just that step ahead. You are already in the starting blocks whilst the others are still warming up!

Get expert tips on how to confirm pregnancy.

So how do you go about it? ?

?Before using an ovulation test, you need to know the usual length of your cycle. Once this is done, use the calender that is in the explanatory leaflet to determine the day on which you are going to start. If you have just stopped using the pill, you should wait two or three months before starting in order to stabilise the natural cycle. ??When ready, simply place the spatula under a urine stream and wait for the result to show, just like with a pregnancy test. If the result is negative, repeat the process the following day with a new spatula (there are normally several in the pack). If it's positive, it's time to get to work!

Here are other useful tips that you could follow in order to get pregnant faster:

  1. Follow a healthy diet
  2. Chart out your fertility days
  3. Avoid smoking & excessive caffeine
  4. Keep your stress levels low

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