You’re Not PM Sing. You’re Just Pregnant.

Mood Swings & Mood Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is supposed to be a happy experience. Why does it seem like you’re PM Sing for nine months then?

You’re pregnant and you’re supposed to be delighted, but your mood seems to have a mind of its own. One minute you’re happy, the next you’re weepy; one minute you’re planning your child’s future, the very next you’re wracked with fear and insecurity. 

Mood swings during pregnancy are a very common problem, and many women go through it. As your body prepares itself for the baby (yes now you must be thinking about the stuff you need to buy once the baby arrives! Don’t worry. You need warm sheets, baby clothes, baby hygiene products and lots and lots of Pampers New Baby Diapers. There we have helped you a little. Now relax!), it undergoes certain changes, both physiological and hormonal. It is the hormonal changes that are responsible for the mood changes during pregnancy. 

But let’s not blame hormones alone. There are major changes taking place with you too. Watching your body change can be a wonderful experience as well as an annoying one. You might wonder whether you’ll ever go back to the size and shape you were. And continually experiencing heartburn and morning sickness can take a toll on ones cheer.

Yes, mood swings in pregnancy are common and there are ways to combat these.

Pregnancy mood swings usually settle down by the second trimester. You are more in control of how you feel and any change in mood occurs only closer to end of the pregnancy when you start to worry about the birth of your child.

Dealing with mood swings during pregnancy

Now that you know mood swings are part of the pregnancy package, learning to deal with it is the first step to feeling better.

Talk to someone

Share your fears with someone you trust – your partner, your family, friends, anyone who cares and will be supportive.

Ask for help

Being pregnant is a task in itself. Don’t burden yourself more by taking on all baby-chores. Cleaning, decorating, shopping … you can delegate these tasks to someone you trust. People are waiting to help; all they need from you is a signal to step in.

Rest, and then rest a bit more

Being tired means getting cranky. To get the better of a bad mood, make sure you get plenty of rest. Take short naps during the day if you can’t sleep well at night.


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Cut yourself some slack at work and see if you can take more breaks or work from home. Do not scrimp on your maternity leave.

Have fun

Take your mind off the bad mood by indulging in some fun, favourite activity. Could be by yourself or with someone. Watch a movie, get a spa treatment, spend the day with your girlfriends, anything that makes you smile.


Exercise releases endorphins (happy hormones) and gives you a boost right then and there. Walk, swim, do some yoga or breathing exercises the next time you feel down.

Spend quality time together

Talk to your partner about your mood swings and ask for help. Unfortunately those closest to you will suffer the brunt of your moods. Try and spend as many of your happy hours with them.

Don’t feel guilty

Accept the fact that negative thoughts will find their way into your mind. It’s normal. It doesn’t mean you’ll make a bad mother.

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