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When To Get A Physical Examination Done

Going to the doctor for a physical exam for routine health care is a necessary part of maintaining your health as a woman.

Unless you have a concern or a problem, you should be checked out by your doctor a year or two after you start your period. This visit may be just a talk to get to know each other, ask questions, and find out what to expect at future visits. Also, you should go and talk to your doctor sooner if:

  • You are 14 and haven't noticed any puberty changes
  • You are 16 and haven't had a period. Also, learn about the signs of your first period here.
  • You’re having severe menstrual cramps or any other pelvic pains
  • Bleeding is extra heavy, unusual or lasts more than seven days
  • You have vaginal itching, redness, sores, swelling, unusual odour or discharge
  • You have been having periods for more than a year and have irregular periods
  • You experience a burning sensation or frequent urination
  • You've injured your pelvic area
  • You notice a change in the regularity of your periods

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