Standing Tall: 4 Real women share stories of confidence

Standing Tall: 4 Real women share stories of confidence

Women who are confident, whatever their circumstances, are a source of inspiration to all. But what are their secrets. Four real women share their stories.

Sometimes it’s best to hear it from those who’ve been there: four real women share their experiences, and give us tips on how to boost our confidence, whatever our circumstances.

Focus on what you can control!

“Being a mom of three might be the most rewarding job, but at the end of the day I sometimes find myself full of worry. From the little things, like will she do well in her maths quiz today, to the big things, like which college will he get into, a mom’s life can be filled with anxiety. My best tip is to focus on yourself: what you have to do. Yes, plan for all eventualities, but focus on your part and let everyone else do their part too. Regardless of what everyone else will do - you only have control of yourself, so focus on that.” Sophie, 38, mother of three

Here’s something you could try: write a list of all the things that worry you. Now split it into two, one for the things that you control and one for those you don’t. Focus on the first list and work on the items that are within your sphere of influence.

Harness the power of body language

“I have to give regular presentations at the school’s PTA, but public speaking has always made me nervous. Although I’m still not wild about it now, I use body language to my advantage. A friend once told me: fake it, till you make it, so I make sure I look confident, to feel confident! Standing tall, taking a few breaths and smiling makes for a good start to my presentation.” Maria, 34, mother of two

Try this: push your shoulders back and tilt your chin slightly up. This should make you look and feel that little bit more confident. Add a smile and you are there!


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Healthy skin and hair

“A major source of confidence for me has always been my hair and skin: looking my best always gave me a huge boost, so when I developed dandruff, and the associated white flakes and itchiness, my confidence took a knock. By using the right products, I got rid of the white flakes and started feeling great again. Having healthy and shiny locks is very important to my self-esteem!”

Anne, 31, PA

Why not try this? Having fabulous hair starts with a healthy scalp and shiny locks. Try using Head & Shoulders Citrus Fresh Shampoo regularly, to keep dandruff away and feel confident everyday!

Keep positive

“I am a worrier, so before every performance I tend to focus on the negatives. Having figured out that positive thoughts can crowd out the negative ones, I make sure that I make a list of all my positive features and keep it accessible. When I get nervous, it gives me a real confidence boost!” Erika, 41, musician

Give this a go: ask one of your close friends or your partner to write a list of your strengths, then keep it handy. It’s often good to see how other people see us - it can help us look at ourselves in a more confident and less critical way.

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