Why You Need a Lazy Day this Mother’s Day

Why You Need a Lazy Day this Mother’s Day

No one really knows how moms are able to juggle the non-stop demands of motherhood and work and home life while appreciating the immeasurable joys of having children – but you do it. And you may get a half-day off here and there on your birthday or other special occasion, but Mother’s Day really should be a time you can relax.

Realize Your Needs

With numerous demands on your time and energy, are you really getting a chance to enjoy your time with your children, your family and yourself?

In the quest to get as much done as possible before bedtime, life can sometimes become filled with things you just have to get done instead of what it really is – a series of wonderful moments to experience.

Your own needs often take a back seat to the tasks at hand, and your family can become another to-do list item – one more thing to check off on your seemingly never-ending list of obligations.

Accept the Proposition of a Lazy Day

Make time in your hectic schedules for a break, especially this Mother’s Day. The weather should be better, so take advantage of it!


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Give yourself permission to push one or two of those items on your to-do list back to the next day in favor of treating yourself to a full day of doing absolutely anything you want to do. Do things that have nothing to do with the daily grind of work or motherhood. It could involve activities as simple as taking time for quiet reflection or as luxurious as spending an entire day being waited on at a spa.

Allow Rejuvenation

The concept of taking a lazy day may seem foreign – and perhaps downright crazy – when one considers all that has to be done on a given day. Taking time off to rest and recharge is important for maintaining your sanity.

Take a day off – we promise the world won’t end – so you can feel rejuvenated and better able to meet the next day’s challenges.

And what better time than right now to create memories that will last you and your family a lifetime? Moms, take this as a friendly reminder; there’s nothing wrong with having a lazy day. In fact, it’s one of the best things you can do for you and your family.

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