WhenThese 10 Foods Fight,PCOSTakes Flight.

10 Essential Food Items to Cure PCOS

The wrong diet can elevate PCOS while the right diet can alleviate its symptoms.

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Women suffering from PCOS need to really watch their eating habits; food plays a substantial role in determining the success of medical treatment. Certain nutrients help in natural PCOS treatment or reducing its ill-effects. For instance, foods rich in Vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids along with those that have low glycemic index are good for women who have PCOS since they help in weight loss and correction of their hormonal imbalance. A couple of servings of these superfoods can help you build on your PCOS diet like a pro.

10 Nutritious Foods to Treat PCOS Naturally:

1. Barley:
Low on fat and with low glycemic index, barley is an excellent whole grain, providing a steady flow of energy to the body, which in turn prevents hunger pangs while curing insulin resistance.

2. Cinnamon:
A great way to beat obesity and treat insulin resistance, this is a must-have spice for women suffering from PCOS. A pinch of cinnamon after every meal will minimise your snacking in between meals.

3. Broccoli:
It might be a vegetable that is not loved by many but its long term health benefits far outweigh any negatives in taste. Rich in vitamin content, low on calories and with a low glycemic index, broccoli is an excellent source of dairy-free calcium; it is an everydaymust-have for those on a Polycystic Ovary Syndrome diet. 

4. Spinach:
This super low-calorie, high nutrition leafy vegetable helps induce ovulation and fight obesity; it’s great for women suffering from PCOS. A steaming hot bowl of spinach soup will really help you keep PCOS away. 

5. Tomatoes:
Tomatoes are a fantastic source of multivitamins, so, have a whole tomato everyday. Anti-ageing and low on calories, tomatoes are low in glycemic index and rich in lycopene which is essential to fight PCOS.

6. Walnuts & Almonds:
Carry a mixed box of nuts and munch on them whenever you get hungry. Their mono-saturated fat content with low glycemic index is a fantastic way to correct insulin resistance which is a primary cause of PCOS.


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7. Mushrooms:
Mushrooms are the best low-calorie source of B-complex vitamins. They aid normal thyroid functioning,help improve metabolism and correct blood sugar level, all of which help minimize the ill-effects of PCOS.

8. Chicken breast:
A great source of protein while being low on fat and carbohydrates, chicken breast contains vital nutrients like Vitamin B3 and B6 which play a critical role in restoring hormone balance and improving fertility.

9. Salmon:
High on omega-3 fatty acids and low on the glycemic index, salmon improves androgen hormone levels among women with PCOS.

10. Sunflower seeds:
Loaded with vitamin B2 &B6, sunflower seeds are loaded with zinc and magnesium which are anti-PCOS nutrients that must be consumed by women who need to regularise their hormonal imbalances.

Au revoir PCOS!

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