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What happened to weekends?

If you spend Saturdays and Sundays on chores, it's time to claim back your weekends.

Life moves at breakneck speed and we hurtle from one commitment to the next, juggling jobs, families, domestic situations and the curve balls that inevitably come our way. Monday to Friday is hectic, so come the weekend, all we want to do is relax. But what about the shopping, garden, kids’ activities and granny, who hasn’t been visited for a month? Doing nothing but chores and taxi-driving over the weekends can make us feel grumpy and resentful when we go back to work on Monday.

Aim for balance

It’s important that you take care of yourself on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – so look at the whole week and see if you are attending to all those areas at some point in every seven-day period.

If Monday to Friday is draining, then you need to replenish your resources over the weekend. Brainstorm a list of things you love doing and build at least one into your weekend.

It doesn’t have to be anything grand; it’s about changing pace. Whatever it is you do during the week, try to focus on the opposite on Saturday and Sunday, even if you only have an hour to spare. You’ll actually be more productive, not less so, if you take some time out.

Simplify your life

It’s a strange paradox that when you clear your calendar of some engagements, life often becomes richer. This is because you create a little time for self-care and space in which to contemplate the question: ‘What do I want from my life?’ Instead of hurtling towards the future, you notice more about the present, which is the only state that is real or worth worrying about.


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When we are stressed and busy and rushing, we use up our reserves, making ourselves susceptible to illness. We don’t see the wonder right under our noses and we don’t enjoy the life we have right now. To make time for the things you want to do, you will probably have to let go of some activities that no longer serve you. Try saying ‘no’ sometimes when people ask you for favours and don’t take on positions of responsibility that are going to eat up your time and energy.

Give up associations that no longer contribute to your growth and don’t feel you have to accept every social invitation. Also, re-evaluate the financial aspirations that might be driving you too hard and costing you too much in terms of your health and important relationships. 

Thank goodness it’s Friday!

We’ve all said this, but stop and think how terrible it is to really live for only eight days a month! Not only are you wishing your life away but also you are placing unnatural pressure on the weekend to make up for the miseries of the week. 

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