Learn What Are Menstrual Cups & Benefits of Using Them

Learn What Is Menstrual Cup & 10 Benefits Of Using It

From a very young age, girls have been taught that having a period is something they need to hide, something to be ashamed of. Menstrual cups try and change this perception, and are oh so convenient and easy to use!

Periods are a phenomenon that every girl suffers through and wishes never existed. And we have many things that help us during these trying times. Even though the market has sanitary napkins and tampons available to help us out in this monthly (frustrating) phenomenon, a menstrual cup is something unconventional, new in the market and is the only feminine hygiene product that can be reused.

A menstrual cup is a small, flexible cup made of latex rubber or silicone. It is inserted in the vagina, which is pretty easy to do, and it collects the menstrual blood instead of absorbing it. The cup for menstrual periods springs open inside your vagina, making the blood drip into the cup and preventing leak stains. Most of the menstruation cups are reusable. In case it is re-usable, you just need to empty the blood, wash it and insert it again. It’s that simple, and totally painless.

The benefits of menstrual cup go beyond just its practicality. Because it’s mostly a one-time purchase, it also reduces the immense waste created by pads and tampons. Environment friendly? Check! Also, it saves you money every month AND you won’t have to worry about running out to buy a pad when your date arrives.

10 Benefits Of Using Menstrual Cups:  

1. Economic Benefits:

Because a menstrual cup will last you forever, you’ll save a lot of money. Imagine the things you could buy if you saved up the hundreds of rupees you spent on pads!

 2. Save Time:

You won’t need to change your cup after every few hours like a pad or tampon. You can use the cup for up to 12 hours.

 3. For All Types Of Flows:

A menstrual cup holds almost five times the amount of liquid than a tampon, so it’s helpful for women with a heavy flow.

 4. Hygienic And Healthy:

Menstrual cups do not contain additives unlike tampons and sanitary pads.

 5. Prevents Staining:


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As soon as you insert the cup in your vagina, it opens up to create a kind of suction. This leads to the blood dripping directly into the cup and nowhere outside it!

 6. Decreased Rate Of TSS:

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a disease caused by bacteria. The cotton in pads and tampons may cause tiny cuts, which can easily become a playground for bacteria.

 7. End To Rashes:

Sanitary napkins and tampons may cause itchiness and rashes in some women. With the use of a menstrual cup, the problem is solved!

 8. For All Stages:

Menstrual cups are designed to hold a large amount of liquid. So whether you’re experiencing a light day or a heavy flow day, you’ll be prepared for it.

 9. Peaceful Sleep:

Every period consists of those stressful nights where staining the bed sheet is a big concern. You won’t have to change a menstrual cup in the middle of the night.

 10. Be Yourself:

Swim, jump, dive, play. Do whatever the hell you want without worrying about the tampon slipping out or unwanted leaks.

However, we understand many women will be very apprehensive to insert a cup inside her vagina. Cups are safe to use, however, for psychological peace, you can definitely wear a very non-invasive sanitary napkin to prevent staining of clothes and surroundings. And even if you are using a menstrual cup, we still recommend carrying Whisper Ultra Clean sanitary napkin just in case of emergencies!

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