Top 5 Food You Should & Should Not Eat during Periods

Check Out Which 5 Foods To Eat During Periods

Periods can wreak havoc with your mind and body. If only you knew what food to eat and what foods to stay away from to lessen the discomfort. Here’s what we know.

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Periods are no fun. The moodiness, the bloating, the discomfort and the pain are terrible things to cope with; 5 days a month, month on month.

Knowing how to treat your body right is the first step to relieving its distress. And that starts with knowing what to eat during period and what to avoid.

We’ve put together 5 of the top things to eat and to avoid during your menstrual cycle. Remember, it is not about what you feel like eating, but what you should. You do not need to eat everything in this list, but your diet during periods should include at least 3 of these foods.

 5 Foods To Keep The Period Blues Away:

#1 Fruits like bananas and pineapples

  • The simple banana is perhaps the best food during periods
  • It is rich in potassium, which is a quick mood up-lifter 
  • Its benefit as a laxative is also known, so say goodbye to irregular bowel movement during your periods 
  • A pineapple gives you small doses of manganese, very essential for a smooth and easy blood flow

#2 Chocolate

  • Wait, do not run to the refrigerator for a bar of milk chocolate 
  • We mean a really dark chocolate, with the least possible amount of sugar
  • It is loaded with antioxidants and it releases serotonin, the happiness hormone
  • Did we tell you it contains magnesium, which will help keep those mood swings down?

#3 Green vegetables

  • Vegetables have always been good for you. During your periods green vegetables are like a magical cure
  • Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, are packed with super minerals like iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium, all of which will help you relax and release tension

#4 Salmon

  • This fish is one of the riches sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, a crucial element to tackle muscle cramps and bad moods
  • Don’t like fish? Pop some walnuts, eggs, soybeans or even flax seeds to get your required dose of Omega-3 fatty acids

#5 Tea

  • While caffeinated tea is bad during your periods, you can definitely indulge in a cup of ginger or chamomile tea. This will help cope with the nausea and bloating

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Here is our list of the top 5 foods to avoid during periods:

Be warned; the list of what not to eat during period could be a little disappointing; but remember, it’s for your good

#1 Foods rich in sugar or salt

  • Too much sugar or salt is bad during your periods 
  • The sudden sugar level drop after the initial high will make you more irritated, and crave more sugars, setting off a vicious cycle
  • It is best to avoid all forms of chocolates, candy or cold drinks

Too much salt can cause water retention, leading to more bloating. Avoid all fast food and packaged products.

#2 Ice cream

  • Sorry, this comfort food goes out of the window (or back to the refrigerator)
  • The high fat content can increase pain and cause further inflammation
  • Also say no to all cheeses and cream dishes. If you absolutely must have ice cream, go for a non-dairy gelato variety

#3 Refined or processed grains

  • The refining process robs grain of all its natural nutrients and consuming such grain products can mess up your sugar levels, and cause more problems than you can handle right now
  • Avoid white bread, ready pastas, cakes, cookies, and any form of instant meals

#4 All forms of caffeine

  • Caffeine is a stimulant, and while it is fine in small amounts, it can cause irregular periods for some 
  • Avoid it completely during your periods if you suffer from moodiness, moderate to severe menstrual cramps or sleeplessness during your periods

#5 Alcohol

  • While you might want to drink your troubles away, during your periods is not a good idea
  • Alcohol, in any form or quantity, could increase depression
  • It can also thin blood causing you to have a stronger flow, leading to even more pain

While this isn’t a complete list, keep the good foods in and banish the bad ones to have more comfortable periods. And make sure your supply of Whisper isn’t running out either.

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