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Time to leave your job. 5 telltale signs

Bored, overlooked or dissatisfied? Perhaps you should look for other work…

Can’t wait to resign and skip off into the sunset? If you’re experiencing any of the following, you’ll have all the impetus you need.

1. You’re not learning anything new
Today’s knowledge economy demands that you think entrepreneurially about your career. Stagnating in a job is like a company expecting to stay in business without updating their products and services. Take stock of what you have learnt in your position. If you have already discussed options with your employer for broadening your role and are satisfied there are no further avenues for growth, it’s time to update your CV and look elsewhere.

2. Your values are at odds with your employers’ and clients’
If you are constantly procrastinating, failing to meet work goals or sabotaging your own efforts, chances are your task is in conflict with your values. A committed vegan who is tasked with marketing a meat product, or a young PR apprentice who is encouraged to overpromise her company’s services, will feel this internal discomfort.

The longer you stay in a job that compromises your core values, the more you will resent it. Listen to your instincts. Reflect on what aspects of your current work culture clash with your own values so you are able to make a wise assessment when you select your next employer.

3. You feel emotionally and physically exhausted
This is a clear sign your general wellbeing is suffering. Seek coaching or counselling first, and if you are not able to influence changes in your environment to reduce the causes of your exhaustion, it’s time to take steps to a new working future.

Adopt a holistic plan that looks at your career, diet, exercise regime, hobbies and your other roles as parent and partner. Good career management does not involve kneejerk reactions to solve a problem in one area merely to create stress in the next. These symptoms could be the start of burnout, making you susceptible to more serious illness. And if you leave a job that is exhausting you and find you cannot easily earn what you did elsewhere, this will create additional stress and emotional strain and curtail your lifestyle choices.


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4. You feel passed over
If you stay in a situation where you are constantly overlooked for promotion, your self-confidence and self-worth will take a knock. Don’t allow yourself to get disheartened and stuck in a dead-end job. Rather try to understand why this is happening so you can learn more about yourself. Feedback from your boss, depending on the kind of relationship, can be helpful. Alternatively, speak to trusted colleagues and friends and ask them what they value and appreciate about you. Then dust off your CV with a positive view of your strengths and skills and take steps to research other job and career options.

5. Your real passion is taking up all your headspace
If you’re a junior accountant but spend all your time fantasising about the deli you want to open, or the wedding dresses you want to design, chances are you’ve discovered your real passion. Congratulations! But if your office time is compromised by your daydreams and plans, ask yourself whether you are adding value to your current employer and whether your behaviour is right or fair. Perhaps it’s time to appreciate that you have identified your passion and take the next practical steps towards creating a future where you can earn your living from it.

But be realistic. Although dreams form the cornerstone of many great business ventures, shifting careers or starting out on your own still requires strategic thinking and planning. Consult a trusted adviser and make the time and effort needed to explore your options.

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