5 Fun Family Activities To Keep Everyone Happy

Even with the non-stop squabbles, disagreements and those raucous television remote battles, when all is said and done nothing beats spending time with our loved ones. But how can we do it while keeping everyone involved happy?

Walk the walk
There are thousands of amazing places to explore from local parks to forests. A family trek can be fun and a great opportunity to catch up. It will also keep you fit and won’t break the bank. However, if simple walking isn’t exciting enough for you, why not make it a fancy dressed-bike-based adventure?
As well entertaining yourselves, it will provide the locals with a folklore legend that will be discussed for generations…

The Big Picture
Grab the kids, load up on popcorn and treat them to a night in front of the big screen for a family movie night. There’s nothing stopping you from having a private screening at home either. The best part of that is that there’s no enforced food and drink policy in your own living room. However, there is a mandatory clean up, but you can let them know as the credits roll.

State of the art
Want to try something different? A visit to your local museum or art gallery is a sure fire way to leave your family inspired. You can encourage them to try some art back at home. Another option is to visit your parents. Simply ask them the backstory behind one of their own household relics and pull up a chair.


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Get on board
If you need a quick way to get the family playing together, look no further than the humble board game. Enjoy the classics such as Battleships or Scrabble and share with your children in the unadulterated joy of leaving someone begging for mercy as you take them to the cleaners in a friendly game of Monopoly.
Why stop there? Create a custom quiz using your family’s’ history. Gaming just got personal.

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Catch a show
Everybody loves the sound of music so go and watch some live! If you want to bypass some of the more expensive events, check out what’s on in your town’s community center and venues. You may just catch the next big thing, or see a group so awful you will be fondly remembering the memory for months. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, pick up some instruments and have a jam with the fam. Karaoke is optional.

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