Who can I talk to about Puberty

With Whom Should I Talk About Puberty?

There is a lot going on with your body during puberty. Along with questions, chances are you also need to just talk about what's going on. Who should you turn to when you want to talk about puberty?

Talking to adults

It may be tempting to ask your friends about this puberty stuff. However, someone your own age may not have their facts straight, even if they think they do. So it’s best that the first person you talk to is an adult you trust, as it’s important you get the right answers to your questions.

It's great if you and your mom or some other adult have already chatted about puberty. Then, asking questions is easy. But in some families, talking about the body is limited to what to eat and how to take care of your teeth. Maybe you need to get your courage up as you feel awkward and embarrassed. That's perfectly normal, but don't let that stop you from talking to someone. Talking to someone about how you feel (whether fear, worry, happiness, or confusion) is a big relief.

Sharing your thoughts with friends and relatives

In many families, there may be someone instead of your mom who you feel more comfortable with, such as your aunt,older sister or cousin. Some girls talk with a teacher, the school nurse or their doctor. Others may know a friend's mother who's easy to talk to.

Timing is everything

Once you decide who to talk to, you'll want to choose the right time. For example, if you want to ask your mom, wait for a time when she isn't busy doing other things. If she seems to be busy all the time, you may want to say, "There's something I'd like to talk to you about when you have time." This way, you won't keep putting off talking about puberty.

You are the best judge of how to talk to the people in your life, but this may be one way to approach the subject. We suggest that before you have the conversation, you first write down your questions. This way, you won't forget any. However you do it, both of you are likely to feel glad you talked.

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