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Recharge With “Me Time”

When was the last time you spent time alone? Or sat quietly for half an hour? If you don’t remember, you are not alone. “Me Time” is really important for a number of reasons.

Do you have a high stress job? Spend hours working and commuting? If your answer is yes, then you probably don’t have enough time to spend with your family.  Or yourself.  Lack of personal time is enough to make anyone feel grumpy and unhappy. And it you’re not easy to be around, do your loved ones a favour.  Take time off to be alone and come back feeling happier.

How to get guilt free time alone

Remember hearing the instructions on an airplane? Put your oxygen mask on first before helping kids and others?  Me time is the equivalent. You can’t help others or yourself if you are stretched too thin. 

Networking:  Connect with friends and neighbours.  They can help with watching the kids and even organise play dates.  This will give you an hour or two to exercise, read or even get a massage.

Negotiate:  Personal time is important for both parents.  Be supportive of each other.  You can also use this time to bond with each other. 

Plan:  Having a schedule helps.  If mom is off to the gym on Mondays and Thursdays, dad can have Wednesdays and Fridays for his buddies – me time spent wisely. 

Sneak it in:  Unexpected free time?  Go for a drive, watch a movie, meet a friend.  If you have the option, take a short trip.

Make small changes:  Waking up 30 minutes earlier will give you quiet time too.  Maybe you can spend it with your partner.

Transitioning:  If this is something new for you and the family, explain yourself.  Have the kids understand why it’s important and do something fun when you get back.  Making plans in advance helps.

Simplify:  Getting organized will leave you with more time.  Make lists for chores so they get done on schedule.  Learning to say “no” is the biggest favour you can do yourself.  Don’t overschedule activities for yourself or the kids. 


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Support system: If you have trouble getting motivated, get a friend to go to a yoga class.  What better way to do something good for the mind and body? 

Benefits of Me time:

Recharged batteries:  Are you able to think issues through when you are alone?  Feel better equipped to deal with company?  Go for it and spend time alone.

Rekindled interests:  It is actually possible to have fun on your own. Indulge your hobbies.  Making and keeping a weekly date helps you to tackle challenges better.

Glass half full?: Use this time to feel centred and calm.  Is journaling something you like to do?  Spending time alone will definitely help you de-stress and make better decisions.

Pets: Having a pet is such a great way to get me-time.  Going for a walk or cuddling with a pet is the best way to unwind after a long day at work. 

Yes, hard work and determination are all fine.  Too much work and no play can make Jack a dull boy indeed.  Take the time you need to become a relaxed and empowered person.  Relaxed you = Happy You. Don’t feel guilty about giving yourself the permission to chill out with me-time and stay sane.  In this case, only you can help yourself.

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