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A company profile can be an important marketing tool for your company, but it must be done perfectly to be effective.

A company profile should give a summary of what you do, why you do it and what qualifies you to do it, without being boring. Make sure that it is clear and well written so that anyone who falls upon it will see exactly what you do and offer. The aim is to attract the attention of potential clients and incite them to become clients.

Keep the following steps in mind:

Step 1
Start with the main attribute of your company. Do you offer a unique or rare product? Are there only a few people who offer the service you do? What makes you better than your competitors? Give the reader useful information, but don’t be too technical. Give a short description of yourself and the products or services you offer in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. You can include some technical information, but make sure you explain what all the complicated things mean.

Step 2
Tell the reader about your current clients and briefly describe the projects you have undertaken to date and the results. Write with passion and show a bit of your personality so readers will know how much you love to do business. Add information about the mission of your company, your values and how much you concentrate on delivering the best products or service. Write in a style that fits your business.

Step 3
Tell the reader a bit about yourself. Explain what you did before you started the business and how this led you to starting out on your own. Also remember to add your qualifications, experience and special skills or attributes. Tell the reader about how past experiences influenced you to start your own business, especially anything that shows you are committed to client satisfaction and meeting deadlines. Aim to make the reader understand why your company will be the best choice or why it is unique.


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Step 4
Make it clear what kind of business you have. Mention the sales history and if it has been growing well, mention this too. Briefly explain your plans for future growth. Give just enough information to make the reader believe your business is a success, without disclosing too much financial information.

Step 5
Now that you have convinced the reader that you are the best choice for them, you should give your contact details. You can include your street address, postal address, landline and mobile numbers as well as your website and email addresses.

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