Pamper yourself on Mother's Day

5 Ways To Pamper Yourself & Celebrate Mother's Day

It’s always lovely to receive cards and flowers from our kids, but what do us mums really want to do on our special day? Here are some fab little ways you can treat yourself and still make it a family affair

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be about chocolates, flowers and cards (lovely as they are) but it is a great opportunity for us to take pleasure in family life and tell others how much we love them. And it’s important to let our kids show us how they feel, even if it means smiling through a messy breakfast in bed made by the five-year-old!

It can also be about rewarding ourselves. We don’t expect a glittering award ceremony (they haven’t invented the Mum Oscars yet), but it’s great to have one day when we get an excuse to step off the motherhood merry-go-round and give ourselves a feelgood boost.

5 Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day By Pampering Yourself!

1. Wear something new

Look good and you’ll feel great. Of course we don’t all have an A-lister’s budget, but you could treat yourself to a new necklace or some slinky colorful tights to go with a best-loved dress – it’s amazing how new accessories can transform your look. Or be super-savvy in advance and arrange with your best friend to swap clothes for the day – just something you’ve both always quite fancied from each other’s wardrobe.

 2. Head for the gym… and take it easy

Whether the family is taking you out for lunch or they’re all sitting on the sofa waiting for you to sort out the Sunday roast, make time to get out to the gym to release those feelgood exercise endorphins. Don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day, though, so just do a short work out then retreat to chill out in the steam room or relax in the gym lounge with a magazine and a juice with your feet up. You’ll arrive home feeling years younger. Alternatively, get your other half to take the kids out for an hour while you soak in the bath.


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3. Indulge your tastebuds

What treat do you most love? Crisps, chocolate, maybe it’s actually fresh, crunchy apples? This is your day for big treats so get seriously extravagant and organise a sampling session. For example, if your favourite treat is chocolate, buy a range of different bars, cut a couple of squares from each, then do a mystery taste test to work out what your absolute top choice is – it’s like wine-tasting session but a lot cheaper, more fun and the whole family can join in.

4. Get your own personal stylist for the day

Many department stores (like John Lewis and Debenhams) offer free personal shopper services that you can book in advance. You get at least an hour of dedicated attention with one of the store’s expert staff, who will take you round the fashion department, showing you the kinds of new looks and styles that might suit you. You’re not under obligation to buy what you try, so it’s a fabulous way to explore and perhaps even come home looking (and feeling) like a new woman.

5. Host a mum’s tea party

In the afternoon, get together with the girls and have a giggle. Invite the dads and the kids too, but keep them busy by getting your children to set up a movie or a game on the TV and put out a few games like chess on another table. Reserve a space in the kitchen for the mums to enjoy afternoon tea. (Oh alright, the kids and dads can have some cake too, if they behave.)

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