Moms share their parenting resolutions

New Year Resolutions Every Mother Must Try

Get inspired by these real New Year’s resolutions from moms like you.

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be about health and fitness. For a change of pace, set parenting goals. Being a mom is a learning experience, and every year presents new challenges and new chances to grow. Not sure where to start? Check out these resolutions from real moms. You may find inspiration to start your year off right.

7 Interesting New Resolutions Mums Around The World Should Be Inspired To Keep

1. Be mindful and healthy. “More yoga and meditation so I am slower to react to my two boys and more likely to be relaxed, warm, and fun,” says Jessica. For many moms, fitness is a healthy way to release stress and be a calmer parent.

2. Balance responsibilities and kid time. “Finding balance,” says Denise. “I allowed way too many external factors pull me away from my kids. I want to be more engaged and unplugged.” Say no to a few obligations. You’ll thank yourself later.

3. Be positive. “I'd like to say 'yes' more. To the things I can,” says Carrie. It’s easy to fall into a habit of telling kids ‘no’ without even listening to what they want. Saying ‘yes’ opens doors.

4. Spend time with kids individually. “To spend one-on-one time with my 8-year-old, toddler free, that doesn't include bickering, errands, chores, or TV before bedtime,” says Terra. With a busy schedule and multiple kids, one-on-one time can be a real struggle. But it’s a huge benefit for everyone.


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5. Cook more variety. “To try one new recipe for them each week,” says Mary. Family dinner can be stressful if you put too much emphasis on it. Try one big dinner a week.

6. Embrace patience. “Mine is to parent my 8-year-old like I did when she was a toddler,” says Theresa. “I think I was so much more patient with her then than I am now.” You’d never shout at a baby, so keep that in mind when your older child is driving you up the wall.

7. Be kind. “Practicing more kindness and eliminating stress as much as I can,” says Heather. Kids learn by example. Be kind, and they’ll see how to practice kindness. Manage your stress, and they’ll learn to manage their own with your guidance.

What parenting resolution would you like to make in the new year?

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