Living With Menopause, Before And After

7 Symptoms of Menopause & 5 Natural Remedies to Deal With It

If your periods have troubled you for many years, you probably are looking forward to menopause. But there are some changes your body goes through in menopause as well. Are you ready for those?

Menopause happens because your ovaries stop producing oestrogen and progesterone. This brings a halt to your periods. The transition doesn’t happen suddenly. There is a perimenopause period when your body starts to make these changes. This could start as early as 40, or even mid-50s. It varies from woman to woman, and while family history and genetics play a role.

During the perimenopause stage, your periods will become irregular, stop for a while and start again. You can only be sure that you have gone through menopause is if you do not get your periods for over a year.

Menopause means no periods, no hormonal swings and no discomfort? Right? Unfortunately, not always. Some women just breeze through it, and some fight their way through the menopausal days. Some of the menopause symptoms can be uncomfortable, but with the right diet and a few lifestyle changes it can get easier. 

7 Signs & Symptoms of Menopause:

You can expect some, all or none of these changes as you go through menopause.

1. Irregular periods

Your periods will change – the frequency, the flow, the cycle, etc. You need to get no periods for at least a year to know that you’ve gone through menopause. If you notice spotting long after you’ve stopped your periods consult your doctor immediately. 

2. Hot flashes

You will experience sudden heat in the upper regions of your body. Your face, neck, chest, back and arms can go red. You will sweat a lot and feel suddenly cold afterwards. 

3. Trouble sleeping

Insomnia, accompanied by night sweats, could leave you tired and cranky the next day. 

4. Vaginal and urinary problems

You vagina will feel drier and more sensitive. Sex could be painful. You could also be more prone to vaginal or urinary tract infections. Some women might also experience urinary incontinence (being unable to hold their urine long enough, or having urine leak out when you sneeze, laugh or cough). 

5. Mood changes

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If you’ve had mood swings before you periods, there are chances you’ll experience the same, and more, during menopause. You could feel irritable, or weepy, or just low. 

6. Changed attitude towards sex

You could go either way – feel totally put off or rediscover your dormant sexuality – during menopause. Talk to your partner about how you feel. 

7. Osteoporosis (OS-tee-oh-poh-ROH-sis)

You bones will get thin and brittle now. You could look shorter than earlier and be more prone to fractures. Your muscles and joints will also feel stiff.

Don’t let menopause stop life

But all is not lost. Diet and lifestyle changes can make you feel better. There are many natural remedies for menopause, not all of which are to do with a menopause diet alone.

5 Natural Remedies for Dealing with Menopause 

  1. Eat a balanced meal. Make sure you get plenty of vitamins, calcium and iron.
  2. Be active. Exercise has a positive effect on your mood and your bones and heart. Talk to your doctor and include stamina building and muscle strengthening activities.
  3. Quit smoking. Smoking hurts your health in many ways, including by damaging your bones. Quit and also stay away from second-hand smoke.
  4. Get regular check-ups. Talk to your doctor about the tests you need to do even after menopause. Pap tests and mammograms are important, along with treatments for any other problems you may start to face.
  5. Talk to your doctor about HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) if you feel your menopause symptoms are getting too severe.

Also, check out these 5 natural ways to manage menopausal symptoms here.

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