How to manage your personal and family schedules wisely

With work, hospital visits, cultural courses, dinner parties, and other engagements, a family’s schedule can quickly become hectic. When the calendar becomes full, it can be difficult to organize. In such cases, a family schedule board is a great help. What about your own personal schedule? Are you able to keep it under control? Daily schedule management is a basic and important task.

Use a schedule board

Try using a schedule board to manage your busy family’s time. Place the schedule board at a location where everyone in the family can easily see it such as the entrance, kitchen, or near the telephone, and write everyone’s plans for the week on it. If you write down appointments for the week such as when meals will be eaten outside, business trips, and other travel plans, it will be easy to see when everyone will be home, and make it easy to plan recreation, meals, and food shopping.
As for the schedule board itself, cork has a nice look and is cute. With a metallic board, you can easily add memos, illustrations, and family photos with magnets. If it is a whiteboard with large open spaces, you can write notes and draw pictures in addition to the actual schedule.

Use a notebook to manage your own schedule

Many people buy the same notebook year after year. Next year, though, why not try a larger notebook so you write down the plans of everyone in your family onto the schedule. A schedule board is great for the home, but a notebook is ideal for confirming plans while you are out.
For example, for a family of five, you can use a different color for each person’s plans (if you use different color ink or sticky notes, at a glance you can quickly know each person’s plans, and cute sticky notes makes it fun to write down each event). Make a row for each of the five people for each day, and write down each person’s plans. You can add the person’s name to the rows and write the date in columns to make it easy to view.
A notebook can also be used to create shopping lists or to-do lists. Why not try it?


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Scheduling According to the Day of the Week

You may be on top of the family schedule, but how are you doing when it comes to making and following your own personal schedule? Even if you do not use a notebook, you can, for example, determine what you will be doing according to the day of the week. This method uses a combination of scheduling and to-do lists. When such effort becomes habitual, you will be able to reap the benefits. Find a schedule management method that fits in with your lifestyle. Because these are daily things, it is important to make things easier so that you can continue handling them over a long period of time.

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