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Make friends with time in 2016

If you are like most people who spend a lot of time at work, being productive is important as it will help immensely with work- life balance.

Is your workload weighing you down?  Getting organised will help you get more things done.  Take a moment’s breather and check out these time management skills to make life easier.

Delegate:  If you’re saddled with too much work and are struggling to cope, delegating becomes important.  It is one skill people have to learn, or else you’ll burn.  Don’t be such a control freak.  Share responsibility and see how de-stressing it can feel.    

Prioritise:  Making a To-Do list is immensely beneficial.  Once you get to office, spend the first 10 minutes making a list of things to do.  Put the important ones at the top and address those first.  Then move on to other tasks which can be deferred to a later time.

Schedule tasks:  Keep a day planner handy so that you can list things that have to be done.  There is a good chance you might forget something important.  Lists are a good thing.  A good time management tip is to make different lists – one for work, one personal and one for the home.  This way, you can track things that have to be done. 


Tackle toughies first:  Unfortunately, many of us delay tackling the tasks that seem difficult.  Doing so actually affects not only your productivity but also that of your colleagues.  Break tasks down into manageable chunks and do it one at a time.  Delays cause havoc in one’s personal and professional life as they constantly play on your mind.


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Learn to say no:  Stress can also occur if you have problems saying no as you’ll just take on extra work which may be unmanageable.  Don’t take on extra work if you don’t have the time.  But if you don’t have a choice, learn to delegate it.

Set deadlines:  At work, you know that you have to deliver on a particular day.  Set a deadline well before the official one so that you have some wiggle room.  This will let team members do their part to complete the job.  There’s no harm in rewarding yourself for a job well done.

Focus:   Multi-tasking may sound important but the truth is that no one can do it for a long time.  Important elements in a job may get missed and cause problems.  Concentrate on one task at a time.  This is time management at its best.

Start early:  Every successful person does one thing right – they get to work early and plan their day.  Being in a quiet office and having a list in front of you is very motivating.  Many people feel calm and clear headed after a good night’s sleep.  As the day goes on, energy levels dip and concentration along with it.

Take breaks:  Get up and walk away from your desk for 10 minutes or so at regular intervals.  This gives you time to clear your head and handle the tasks at hand better.  Sitting at a computer for long hours can cause physical discomfort which is alleviated by moving around.  Also make sure to take a break from work and get away on holidays.  This will help you to stay fresh and motivated.

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