Making an Unforgettable First Impression – The Need-to-knows

Making an Unforgettable First Impression – The Need-to-knows

Feeling nervous about that upcoming work event or party? We’ve got the best tips on how to feel more confident and make a dazzling first impression…

Be interested

Most of us spend our time panicking about what we’re going to say, or how to seem interesting to new people, but being interested in them is the best way to make a positive first impression. Think about what you’d like people to ask you, and ask those questions yourself – you’ll be surprised how much is revealed in a few minutes of small talk.


…And have something interesting to say

Whether it’s where you’ve just been on vacation or what you’re up to this weekend, having a few interesting stories or anecdotes to fill any awkward silences is a clever move. Don’t forget that other people are probably nervous too, so you might find sharing your stories helps build their confidence as well.



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Don’t fake it

Meeting new people can be tough, and it’s tempting to try and fit in by agreeing with others and biting your tongue a little too often. But being yourself – and truly authentic – is key. Confidence comes from being comfortable with yourself and who you are, so try to resist the urge to blend in. People will appreciate your honesty and ability to think differently to them. Life would be boring if we were all the same, after all…


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Watch your body language

Think ‘open’ and you’re halfway there – face the person you’re talking to with your whole body, and avoiding hunching or diverting eye contact while you’re talking. Fiddling with accessories or your clothing can be distracting, so really think about what your body’s doing while you’re talking. If you’re feeling brave, you could even watch a video of yourself interacting to pick up on clues (if you’ve got one already from a wedding or family party, even better). Be sure to also check out more stories from real women on their stories of confidence (link to ‘Standing Tall: Real Women Share Stories of Confidence’ [REFNO07]).


Really listen

Don’t ask questions for the sake of it and let your attention wander when you’re given an answer – really listen instead. When we’re nervous it’s easy to panic about awkward silences, and find ourselves planning the next question before hearing the answer to the previous one. So, take the time to really listen to what your companions are saying – it’s likely you’ll have shared experiences and conversation will take a more relaxed path. Stop fretting about how the conversation is going, and we bet you’ll feel yourself loosening up in next to no time.


Wear something you feel great in

It doesn’t matter if you’ve worn it before in the same company (chances are, nobody will notice) as long as you feel fantastic. Spending the evening pulling at a top that’s too tight, or a skirt that doesn’t fit properly will only make you look fidgety and uncomfortable, and put you off your conversation game. If you can, take the time to hunt out an outfit you love well in advance – it means you’ll arrive cool, calm and collected (nothing worse than a last-minute panic!).


Do you have something to add, or think we’ve missed a useful tip? Comment below with your advice on making a great first impression.

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