How to help your daughter stay healthy

How To Help Your Daughter Stay Healthy During Puberty

Staying healthy is a crucial aspect of your daughter’s development. You can encourage her to look after her body by emphasising the importance of healthy eating and exercising regularly. Also, it’s helpful to be a good example to your daughter by doing these things yourself. In fact, you can do things together, like planning and making healthy meals, as well as taking brisk walks a few times a week (these activities also create a great opportunity to chat).

Eating the right foods

As your daughter’s body will be growing and developing fast during puberty, she'll need to keep her energy levels up by eating a well-balanced diet. This should include:

  • Protein-rich foods – such as cheese, eggs, daal and beans
  • Complex carbohydrates – such as whole grains and brown bread
  • Dairy foods
  • Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

She should also drink plenty of water and eat breakfast every morning for that all-important energy boost at the start of the day.

Being active

Getting regular exercise will make your daughter feel good, improve her strength and co-ordination, and keep her energy levels high. Playing a sport she enjoys, or simply having fun with friends through cycling and playing tennis, will keep your daughter fit and ensure that she has an opportunity to socialise with her peers in a health-enhancing way.

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