How to Find Time for Yourself

Moms are busy. While we can multitask like nobody’s business, the fact remains that there are only 24 hours in a day, and sometimes that is simply not enough. Fortunately, we can enlist a little help freeing up time in our day to get back to the things we love to do in addition to those things on our to-do lists.

Get Organized

Oftentimes, the most daunting tasks on your list are the most important ones. By tackling the items in prioritized order, you will likely find you get through your list at a quicker pace. If you do not have a task list, you can make one with the use of an app – or simply with a good old pen and paper. There are even apps that will give you reminders to pick up milk when you are heading past a supermarket! You will definitely save time by having an organized list of must-do items.

Utilize Resources Available to You

Consider what can be ordered online rather than driving 20 minutes each way to and from a store. Bundle those on-the-road tasks by driving direction whenever possible to avoid wasting time driving to the same area over and over again. Think about which purchases can be delivered to you or could be ready by the time you arrive for pickup.

Whenever Possible, Use Your Network

Consider what tasks can be delegated to others while you finish everything else on your list. Perhaps a friend can babysit for an afternoon while you catch up on your to-do list if you do the same for her another day. You can also delegate age-appropriate tasks to your children either as part of their chores or just to be helpful. Younger children often love to be helpers! By enlisting your children as helpers, you can turn a task into quality time with your child.


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Eliminate Distractions

Put down your phone and shut off the radio, television and social networking sites so you can get your tasks done as quickly as possible. Turn off notifications if they are distracting you from staying on task. Even at home, we can inadvertently create water-cooler moments that inhibit the productive use of our time.

Time Spenders

So now that we have found a few ways to create time for ourselves, what should we do with it? Here are some ideas to help you decompress:

• Play. After all, the family that plays together stays together. Take time purely to enjoy each other’s company.
• Read. If you find that the time you have freed up occurs after your kids have gone to bed, dive into a good book. Maybe you can even join your friends in a book club.
• Take a hot bath and make your own spa moments .
• Get creative. Whether it is playing the piano or taking a painting class, creativity brings out the best in us.
• Go shopping – or at the very least – browsing . They don’t call it “retail therapy” for nothing!
• Take a yoga or Pilates class. Often these classes remind you to breathe and just be in the moment.
• Just cuddle. Snuggle up on the sofa to watch a family favorite movie or catch up on a favorite show.
• Make a rule to be media-free during meals and family time so you can have quality time with one another.

Making time for ourselves and having time for the important things in life is one of the best possible rewards we can give ourselves. Once you create this newfound time for yourself, you might actually find that time management and stress management were one in the same. Both are vital to our emotional health and wellbeing. Now go make some time to do what you love!

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