How to fight food smells at home

How to fight food smells at home

Have you ever caught yourself fretting over the terrible odors of cooking garlic and tadka? Does your husband get annoyed with the smells of cooking fish at home? Well, you are not alone!

According to a recent survey, 2 out of every 3 Indian women surveyed, agree that there are smells in every home. Making household odors a wide and prevalent issue! Furthermore, the survey adds that smells from cooking garlic and tadka are the no.1 most common odor across Indian homes!

While there are a host of household odors that we battle on a daily basis (particularly during summer and the monsoon season), like smelly shoes, sweaty socks, damp clothes and smells from garbage and pets, food smells take priority as they are the most widespread and toughest to remove. In fact, Indian women agreed that smells from cooking garlic and tadka are the toughest smells to remove, while smells from cooking fish and non-veg followed closely!

The easy way to battle these food smells and still enjoy a scrumptious meal with your family and guests, is to use AmbiPur Air Effects. AmbiPur Air Effects doesn’t just mask, but truly removes the odors** taking your home from smelly to smiley!

AmbiPur Air Effects allows you to breathe happy no matter what you’ve cooked today or the night before. It’s available in a variety of scents too, so you’ll be able to find the one to suit you and your home.

Instead of masking bad smells, the AmbiPur technology actually eradicates everyday odors so these smelly particles are completely removed from the air. The nature-inspired, fresh scents of the plug-ins then fill your room, leaving it smelling light and clean, as though you’ve brought the outdoors in. 

Whether you’re cooking strong-smelling garlic and tadka dishes, or some spicy fish and non veg meals, AmbiPur Air Effects can put a smile on your kitchen and your home!

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* Claims generated from men and women who were in agreement with the above statements as per a 3-city (992 person) survey conducted by an independent third party agency in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, in April 2015.

** Versus AmbiPur Base Aerosols

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