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How Smart Is Your Home?

Technology has changed our life. Things that seemed impossible are a part of everyday life. So, what do you think of the concept of a smart home? Too futuristic?

You leave the house in a hurry – running late for a meeting. You keep wondering – did I turn the gas off? What about the air-conditioner? There’s nothing much you can do till you get back home but the thought is still bothering. Is there a way you can control your home by remote?

Smart technology is the answer and it’s becoming a common feature of interior design in many Indian homes. The fact is that many property developers in and around big cities in India are offering homes or offices that are fully automated. Lighting, water heaters, coffee machines with timers and security monitoring systems are just a few.

Automation systems are being installed in apartments as well and also being integrated at the planning and construction stage. Smart technology is a perfect solution especially for urban consumers who live multi-tasking lives and rely on technology for most of their requirements. A major area in which automation is making inroads is climate control. You can now live a green lifestyle without giving up comforts. Expect to see big savings with automation.


Benefits of Automation

Repetitive tasks can be managed by the press of a button or tapping a screen.


Since most of the technologies work wirelessly, there is no need to worry about ugly cables snaking their way through your stylish and meticulously planned interior design.


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Remote access helps young parents to check in on their children using web cams as well as home supplies. Don’t be too surprised if your refrigerator tells you via an App what supplies you are low on.

Turn your home into a Smart home

  • Door locks in sleek and updated designs with biometric safeguards and RFID enabled smart locks
  • Lights that come on automatically at dusk
  • Lighting controls to set the mood and also save electricity
  • Lighting sensors in the bathrooms and other areas, offering significant energy savings
  • Built in controls for sound systems
  • Remote locking and light apps via Smartphones
  • Monitoring of visitors and home security information with Smartphone apps

Dedicated teams work on installing all the necessary technologies to make the transition seamless. Get only what you need – whether it is a heating or A/c system, audio, IT related needs, drapes, appliances and so on. One thing is for sure, the price for such technology is falling as more and more people are getting what they need. What is really good is that these can be designed to work in existing homes as well.

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