Tips to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions with Reward Me

Learn How Not to Quit Your New Year Resolutions

A New Year resolution is like moving from a romantic to a committed, long term relationship. Ready to take the plunge? Here’s how you can start.

Another year’s gone by and we’re back to doing what we do best – New Year Planning.  This includes travelling, partying and of course, New Year resolutions!  Saving money, starting a fitness regime, quitting unhealthy habits…some of these will still continue to top our list, but while we start with every good intention, we rarely end up sticking to the plan.

6 Tips to Help You Keep To Your Resolutions

  1. Make a list:  This is the first step.  It constantly reminds you of your goals and you could even turn this into a progress chart to map your success.  There are a lot of sites available on the internet to make your journey easy.
  2. Reminders:  Here’s where keeping your list of goals in a visible place helps - stick it to the dresser mirror and keep a copy in the car.  Or how about setting phone reminders? Whatever works to motivate you!
  3. Buddy system:  If you have a friend you can count on, great!  If you don’t, get an App Buddy.  It’ll help you keep track of your progress without grumbling of being woken up at odd hours.  Or get a hunk for a trainer…that’s incentive enough!
  4. Reward yourself:  Give yourself a treat every time you achieve a milestone.  Get a massage.  Go buy a dress.  Indulge. 
  5. Take time out:  Life is all about balance.  It’s okay to take the occasional day off too.  If you skip your workout, just make up for it.  How about trying to stay on track instead of giving up like the old times?
  6. Baby steps:  A New Year’s resolution list cannot be as long as your Facebook friend list.  Keep it short and simple.  That’ll help you stick with it.  You can always add some more later.

You can also make your resolutions fun and positive by looking at them differently.


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  1. Losing weight vs. feeling healthy:  Focus on getting healthy instead of losing weight.  You can easily find some great tips online.
  2. Make a wish list:  Wish lists help you save money faster than your personal banker.  Another way to control how much you really spend is to pay cash instead of using a credit card.  This will also help in setting up a savings plan.
  3. Feel good about giving:   De-clutter.  Give away things you haven’t used in a while so you could go and shop for some new ones. It’ll also raise your feel good factor.
  4. Re-live childhood:  Unplug.  Spend time playing with your kids.  Catch up with friends.  You’ll be surprised at how much time you have when you’re not watching TV or surfing the net.

Try these and you’ll see your relationship lasts much longer.

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