Hello Little One! What Are We Up To This Week?

Pregnancy Week By Week - Complete 42 Weeks Pregnancy Guide

Each day of your pregnancy brings something new and delightful. As your baby grows so does your body grow and change to ensure its healthy development. If it’s your first pregnancy, this week by week pregnancy guide will show you what to expect.

Hello Little One! What Are We Up To This Week?

Pregnancy is a long drawn process. This week by week pregnancy table demonstrates the changes that take place in both baby and you.


Week 1 and 2: You’re still not pregnant. Your body is ready to ovulate and prepares for fertilization. Start a daily supplement of folic acid, vitamin D after consulting your doctor. Supplement this with a healthy diet and cut the caffeine. Stop smoking and drinking.

Week 3: Fertilization occurs and your baby-to-be starts forming. If there is a family history of any genetic disorder, now is a good time to consult a specialist.

Week 4: Congratulations!This is when your pregnancy is confirmed. The baby-forming cells split to form the placenta and the embryo, and the specialized parts start to develop. Be prepared for feeling bloated, tired, mood swings, nausea, vomiting, a constant need to pee, and sore breasts.

Week 5: The baby’s heart and most other organs start forming.

Week 6: The baby’s face starts taking shape. Also visit your doctor to safeguard yourself from a possible miscarriage which is a possibility at this stage.

Week 7: The embryo is double the size and the brain starts forming. You could experience morning sickness or bouts of extreme hunger. Your breasts will begin to grow and tingle.

Week 8: You’ll feel the baby moving about and an ultrasound will help you listen to its heartbeat.

Week 9: Baby’s growing muscle which means it’s growing bigger. This will put pressure on your bladder and make you leak pee.

Week 10: Baby is a foetus now and building bones and cartilage, so up your fibre intake.

Week 11: The foetus's organs start to function, and genitals form.

Week 12: Baby’s growing bigger which is actually your pregnancy weight. Your uterus has begun to expand and will increase by almost 1,000 times by the end of your pregnancy! You’ll soon start to show.

Week 13: Your baby is the size of a peach; now is when you start eating for two. Don’t worry about the weight gain.


Week 14: Baby is sprouting hair on his head, face and body. Morning sickness ends and you may feel more energetic than you actually are.

Week 15: Baby starts kicking and flexing though you may feel it as dental irritation. Now is the time for those screening and diagnostic tests.

Week 16: Baby starts developing eyesight and eyelashes.

Week 17: Sucking and swallowing movements begin for baby. Moms might experience weird dreams which only reflect their anxiety over their baby’s concern.

Week 18: The moving baby will keep you delighted and distracted from your aching back. The constant peeing reduces.

Week 19: You might experience leg cramps but this is also a great time to have sex, now that you’re feeling more human. But consult your doctor first.

Week 20:Yeaaay! You’re halfway there.

Week 21:Your baby eats what you eat, so watch your diet and rub some lotion on those bothering stretch marks.

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Week 22: You may feel constipated and find your shoes feeling tighter. Both are a temporary condition and the thought of your baby’s senses developing will put a smile on your face.

Week 23: You’ve earned your badge of honour – the lineanigra. Avoid long distance travel in case you go into early labour.

Week 24: Your baby’s features are beginning to form.

Week 25: Baby is taking his first breath as you swear under yours due to the discomfort of cramps and heartburn. Weeks of pregnancy can do this to you.

Week 26: Baby is blinking and opening its eyes. It will also sleep as much as you do.

Week 27: Your baby grows bigger and so do you. And of course, those swollen feet and ankles continue to irritate.


Week 28:Baby starts dreaming while you dream of when this will all be over. You may also experience mild Braxton Hickscontractions.

Week 29: The lump is now the size of a basketball and is sensitive to light and sound.

Week 30: Baby’s intelligence is developing along with your irritation caused by increasingly breathless. This is because the growing uterus crowds the diaphragm. It will ease later when the baby drops lower in your pelvis.

Week 31: Do not worry if your baby’s punches and kicks decrease. This is only because its surrounding space is getting tighter.

Week 32: You may start losing your glow so maybe it’s the best time to have your baby shower.

Week 33: Baby’s immune system is boosted, but you may be spending sleepless nights.

Week 34:T baby’s boy’s testicles are developing, and you may be getting edgier as your date nears.

Week 35: baby’s head will weigh more due to the growing brain; this could put more pressure on your bladder. Also check for vaginal infections.

Week 36: Baby is journeying towards your pelvis in its excitement to enter the world. While this makes you breathe easier, it’ll increase your urge to pee.

Week 37: Baby is preparing to pop out. Your breasts start to leak colostrum—your baby's first food.

Week 38: You’re in full term pregnancy now.

Week 39: You might experience signs of labour.

Week 40: Your pregnancy has officially ended! It’s time to keep that bag packed.

Week 41 & 42:  There’s always a chance that you could be overdue.

Now that you have the pregnancy week by week, pregnancy can be a joyful experience. If you are still not satisfied and want a detailed pregnancy calendar, check out this amazingly detailed, week by week pregnancy calendar at Pampers India.

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