Getting Comfortable With Your Pregnancy

Overcoming Morning Sickness, Constipation & Other Problems During Pregnancy

While pregnancy is not a cakewalk, what with many physiological and hormonal changes, with a little prepping, you can find ways to comfortably deal with many common problems.

As trite as it may sound, pregnancy is a wonderful stage in a woman’s life. There is a glow to you, and there is something special about bringing to life another life. 

But, pregnancy is also accompanied by physiological and hormonal changes that can throw your life a little out of gear. By being aware you can comfortably overcome these common pregnancy problems. 

How To Overcome Common Problems During Pregnancy

1. Breast changes

You will notice some changes in your breasts. They will grow in size and become tender, specifically during the first and last few months. Your nipples can also leak a thick milk-like fluid, called colostrum. 

Tackling the problem:

  • Wear the right bra – firm, comfortable and made from cotton or natural fibres. You might need to get bras larger than your normal size.
  • Place a cotton handkerchief or gauze pad in each cup to absorb leaking fluid. Or you can buy nursing pads from a maternity/baby store. Change the pads regularly to avoid irritating your skin.

2. Fatigue

You might feel a lot more tiredness during pregnancy. It could signify anaemia (low iron), another common pregnancy problem.

Tackling the problem:

  • Rest more – sleep early and take naps during the day.
  • Don’t overwork.
  • Exercise, in moderation to keep energy levels high.
  • Check with your doctor for iron supplements.

3. Feeling dizzy

You could feel occasional dizziness sometime from the middle of your pregnancy onwards. This is because more blood is channelled towards the uterus or due to low blood sugar levels. 

Tackling the problem:

  • Avoid sudden movements
  • Don’t stand for long periods of time. Keep moving.
  • Lie on the left side while resting. This helps blood circulation.
  • Eat smaller meals, more often to prevent low blood sugar.
  • Drink plenty of water.

4. Nausea or vomiting

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It is normal to feel a little nausea during pregnancy. This morning sickness is a hormonal side-effect and usually happens early during pregnancy.

Tackling the problem:

  • Eat dry foods like cereal, toast or crackers first thing in the morning. Eat a high-protein snack like cheese before sleeping.
  • Ginger can help fight nausea.
  • Eat smaller meals more frequently.
  • Drink a lot of fluids, but take small sips at a time.
  • Avoid spicy, fried, or greasy foods.
  • If you suffer from persistent vomiting, go to your doctor as it could result in dehydration.

5. Constipation

You might suffer from constipation during pregnancy.

Tackling the problem:

  • Supplement your diet with fibre – whole grain foods, fresh fruitsand vegetables.
  • Drink a lot of fluids – at least 6-8 glasses of water and 1-2 glasses of fruit juice.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Talk to your doctor about using a laxative or stool softener.

6. Swollen feet and legs

You might notice your feet and legs swelling during pregnancy. This is because of the pressure from the uterus on the blood vessels.

Tackling the problem:

  • Don’t stand for too long.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Avoid foods high in salt.
  • Keep your legs and feet high when sitting. Avoid crossing your legs.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothesand shoes.
  • Talk to your doctor if you notice a swelling in your hands or face.

If you suffer from any of these problems, don’t worry. There are many ways to combat them, and before you know it, your pregnancy will be over and you will be a happy mother of a beautiful baby.

Note: A little spotting or bleeding during the early days of pregnancy can be combatted like your normal period – with Whisper Ultra Clean! This bleeding is not menstrual bleeding, but vaginal bleeding and you need to be careful if the bleeding becomes heavy. Visit your doctor immediately in case of heavier bleeding.

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