Four Traits of Inspiring Women: How do they do it?

Four Traits of Inspiring Women: How do they do it?

You'll probably recognise them in yourself or the women you know. Here are four traits of the special ladies in my life who have inspired me:

They say it takes a village to raise a child but today's villages are likely of the digital kind: Mothers who have 'been there, done that' now more commonly share their experience and advice on parenting forums.



I know women who faced adversities with remarkable resilience. Despite the slings and arrows of life, these indefatigable women maintained a positive outlook, putting me to shame with my trivial complaints.


An aunt who fought the good fight with cancer was cheerful almost to the end - her daily mobile texts updating the family on her condition were as uplifting for me as they were for her, while a friend who went through a messy divorce stayed buoyant by focusing on her children - she now has a happy home with her three boys, complete with a pet and frequent culinary adventures.

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I've seen my mother-in-law suffer at the hands of her relatives - family can be so complicated - but through her deep capacity for forgiveness, I've learnt that generosity of spirit can pave the way to happiness.


Class isn't about owning the fanciest shoes or using expensive makeup/skincare. A little savoir faire concerning the right products can go a long way.


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