First period talk with your mom

Tips To Start A Conversation About First Period With Your Mom

t’s completely normal to be nervous about having a talk with your mom about your first period. But it's not so bad once you get started. So take a look at these tips on getting the conversation going.

Keep it casual

Maybe the idea of a big sit-down first period talk with your mom seems intimidating. So, try opening the conversation casually by saying something like: "When you were younger, were you nervous about getting your period?" This opens the door to discussion and gives her the chance to open up too.

Write it down

If it's hard for you to start a face-to-face discussion, leave your mom a note where only she'd find it. You could say something like, "I need some info about getting my first period. Can we talk tonight?" That way, she'll start a conversation with you and you won't have to worry about bringing it up.

Be direct

You could take a straightforward approach and just tell her your feelings. Start by saying something like, "This is really embarrassing, but I need to talk to you about my first period." That way, you and your mom can get to the point right away, and she can do her best to make the conversation as painless as possible.

Also, check out these signs of first period here, so that you can atleast guess when your menstrual cycle is going to begin.

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