Exclusive Preview of the New Whisper Ultra

Exclusive Preview of the New Whisper Ultra

Versatile Actress Kalki Koechlin & Ace Stand-Up Comedian Aditi Mittal Encourage the New Age Ultra Girl to #OwnThose5Days

At our ‘Whisper Out Loud Bloggers Hangout,’ the Bollywood actor and stand-up lady previewed the New Whisper Ultra. Here’s the lowdown…

When we put a leading Bollywood actor and one of India’s funniest stand-up talents together with a gynaecologist and our sanitary pad expert, we expected nothing short of a refreshing take on feminism today. And the Whisper Out Loud Bloggers hangout turned out to be exactly that.

Headlined by the feisty Kalki Koechlin, who deservingly hits headlines for her work on and off the screen; and Aditi Mittal, who sources her inimitable wit from her daily run-ins with a sexist society, the ‘hangout’ was virtual, with our in-house R&D man Chetan Kotyalkar and our trusted Gynaec for such occasions, Dr Nandita Palshetkar. The idea was to exclusively showcase the New Whisper Ultra and its absorption powers besides discussing hygiene, taboos, attitudes and sharing a generous number of anecdotes and urge women to #OwnThose5Days

Not surprisingly, the exclusive preview of our improved napkin elicited a number of excited bloggers. The hangout began with the panel showcasing it with vigour, pointing out features such as the 1,000 suction holes, upgraded top sheet and a boosted core which can lay to rest all women’s fears of staining dresses or sleeping discomfort.


Kalki and Aditi, while sharing personal experiences, were at their hilarious best while pointing out Indians’ attitudes toward menstruation. The ‘P’ word may not have invaded into street-side conversations yet, but the hangout attendees made no qualms in shouting it out loud.

Dr. Palshetkar, insightful on her pet subject, demonstrated with simplicity how a woman’s menstrual habits can impact her health and answered impromptu queries. The only gentleman on the intriguing tête-à-tête, Chetan Kotyalkar informed how New Whisper Ultra’s design would mean better dryness, faster absorption and freedom from odour worries.



Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings sanitary napkins (30s)
Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings (30s)

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The bloggers weren’t done until the X-factor of the hangout, the exciting #OwnThose5Days challenge was announced. To celebrate the spirit of being unstoppable during periods, the initiative comprised of a series of five activities which depict routine physical hurdles in a fun manner. Aditi Mittal kick-started the challenge herself.


Going by the roaring success of this first edition, we feel the hangout must be a regular event on our calendar. Who doesn't mind a meaningful uproar these days?

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