Be Invincible For Your Infant: Essential Care Tips Post Childbirth.

Essential After Delivery Care Tips A New Mother Must Follow

Early motherhood can be difficult as having a baby puts a lot of stress on a woman’s body and mind. Here’s a list of things you can do to make the transition smoother.

Having a baby brings great joy to a woman but post-birth, fatigue begins to set in. With no time for herself being irritable and depressed naturally follow. While motherhood is fantastic, hormones change a woman’s body completely and the experience can be physically as well as mentally draining. Precisely why quality post-delivery care is crucial for a new mother. The postpartum period that begins after delivery leaves a new mother’s body and mind in a weak and defenceless state. Give yourself at least 6-8 weeks of ample rest and good nutrition to help your body and mind return to their pre-pregnant states.

6 Postpartum Care Tips for Moms:

1. Think positive:
Having a baby can be a stressful experience and a new-born infant can make you anxious since you are unsure of your own capabilities. As a new mother, you should only focus on your baby and yourself for the first few weeks and not take on any other additional responsibilities. Ask for help from your family and friends. The key is to think positive and stay optimistic at all times.

2. Be patient:
Give yourself and your baby some time to get used to each other. With midnight feeding and constant crying, a baby will test your endurance and patience but you have to stay calm and go with the flow initially till you set a pattern that works, for both your baby and you.

3. Do something you enjoy:
While your baby will take up all your waking hours, you must set aside some downtime for yourself to do the things you like. Watch a movie, read your favourite foods, spend time with close friends; there is nothing like taking the stress off by doing something that brings you joy.

4. Get the right nutrients:
While your doctor will prescribe a post-delivery diet that supports your baby’s health as well as yours, it is important that you are disciplined about what you eat. Stay hydrated at all times. Pile up on proteins, vitamins and calcium by consuming fruits, vegetables and lean meats.


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5. Exercise regularly:
Avoid living a sedentary lifestyle after pregnancy since your body needs to regain its strength. Step outside for sometime everyday. Start by walking short distances before you take on the postpartum exercises suggested by your doctor. Light exercise is a must as it will help your body tone itself, regularise hormones and put you in a good mood.

6. Find support:
Child birth can make you emotionally vulnerable. Add to that the hormonal changes in your body and it’s understandable why post-partum depression is very common among new mothers. Talk to your spouse, family and friends; feel free to ask for support whenever you are feeling low. Meditate for a few minutes everyday.

Doing these things will help you become and remain fighting fit for what lies ahead!

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