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Enjoy a little relaxing mom-time

Even in the school holidays, there are a few ways you can squeeze in a chance for some me time to relax and recharge. Try these easy ideas.

First things first – how do you make a little free time? Check out our tips for Finding 30 minutes each day to yourself, then try one of these savvy little escapes while little ones are napping or the kids are playing games.

Keep a book bag handy

Hang up a book bag in your hall or kitchen so you can dip into it when you have 20 minutes to yourself for some me time, or grab it as you’re going out of the door so you have something to do while you wait for the kids after they’ve been swimming or playing at the park. Stash a favourite magazine or book in it, or the style or travel section of a newspaper you didn’t have time to finish at the weekend.

Make something

Nothing messy or complicated, just get some pretty beads from an old necklace or a craft shop, then sit for a few minutes and thread a new bracelet for yourself, or sew some of the beads onto a favourite scarf. It’s really relaxing!


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Send a postcard

Instead of staring at your phone and texting or playing games, go old-school! Posting little messages to friends (not just on holiday but from home) always gives the person who gets the postcard a lovely little lift. Keep a few postcards and stamps in your handbag and write something funny or thoughtful to a friend when you have five or ten minutes to yourself. You could even make your own postcards by cutting the front pictures off old greetings cards.

And... relax!

Even something as everyday as getting dressed can be turned into a treat. For inspiration, check out our article on how to Turn your bathtime into a ‘spa break’.

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