4 things your teen needs to know about using pads

4 things your teen needs to know about using pads

You’ve had “the Talk” and now the time is here: your little girl is not so little anymore and she has had her first period. Give her the right advice on how to use pads and answer her questions confidently by consulting this simple guide.

The signs were all there and now your daughter has her first period. Make it easy for her to keep fresh and confident, by giving her the right advice.

4 Precautions That Your Teen Daughter Needs To Take While Using Sanitary Napkin:

1. How to wear a pad

Pads nowadays are designed for ease of use, so this should not be too complicated. With clean hands instruct your teen to remove all packaging, including the backing of the pad. She should then place the pad in the middle of the underwear and press so the adhesive sticks. If her pad has wings, she should remove the backing and wrap around her undies. Finally, she should pull your panties up to check it’s in the right spot and she’s done!

2. Keeping fresh

Make sure your teen knows to change her pad at least every 3 to 4 hours, or more often if her flow is heavier. Wearing the right pad for her flow is important, so ensure your teen has access to several types and absorbency during her period. 

3. Overnight


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Choose an overnight pad, with higher absorbency, to stay protected through the night. Always Ultra Night Pads are designed to give her up to 100% leakage protection while she sleeps!

4. When to use panty liners

Panty liners can be used at the beginning and the end of her period, when flow is light, as well as every day. Using panty liners daily can help her feel dry, clean and confident when she doesn’t have her period. Also, seeing as periods can be unpredictable for the first two years, sometimes appearing by surprise, using daily liners can keep her safe from embarrassing moments.

Helping your teen keep clean and fresh is important to make her first few periods a positive experience.  Support her in this by providing her with all the information she needs to feel confident while she has her period! 

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