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Access your inner creativity

For some, creativity is a mother tongue. For others, it is more like a second language: it needs a little practice and a lot of encouragement.

We are all creative; it’s just how we choose to access or express creativity that is different. And, like anything else, your creativity muscle needs to be exercised.

Silence is platinum

Break periods of activity with moments of stillness, rest or meditation. Don’t feel guilty for taking chill out time. Escaping into a nap, song, book or film can end up being far more valuable than insisting on navigating your way down a dead end.

Pay attention

Some of the greatest ideas are formed when the things around us are transferred to another context. The more you see and hear, the more effective you’ll be at generating ideas… Being observant of the world around you will also help you develop the extraordinary capacity to look at mundane things and see the miraculous.

Be endlessly curious

Whether you’re travelling the world or walking down the road, open yourself to new experiences. Lead a questioning life and encourage this in your kids, as annoying as it may be at times. If you are exhausted or just don’t know an answer, encourage the kids to come up with answers themselves.

Unconventional wisdom

Some of the most creative ideas are generated when we discard assumptions. Question accepted ideas and challenge your preconceptions by spending some time with people whose life experiences and choices are different from yours.


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Small change

Make a list of the little things that you do the same way day after day. Just one change to your routine can give a fresh perspective to your day. By changing your route to work, for example, you might find a quicker or more scenic route, or you might discover a new spot to grab a take-away cappuccino!

Read, read and read

Try new genres, reread your favourite children’s book and subscribe to fascinating blogs or newsletters. Read about creative people and read about creativity. And if your eyes are strained after a day spent staring at a computer screen, go audio.

Generate an idea

Keep a brain bank: collect and store ideas or interesting ads, quotes, articles, cartoons, designs in a coffee can or shoe box. Shake up the container and pull out two or more items at random to see if they can somehow trigger a thought that might lead to a new idea.

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