8 Tips That Make Normal Childbirth Easier To Deal With

Want A Normal Delivery? - 8 Useful Pregnancy Tips For Normal Delivery

While the thought of having a child is something almost every woman looks forward to, the thought of childbirth drives her to nightmares. The C-section is an easier option, but the post-operative care and restrictions can be a put off.

8 Tips That Make Normal Childbirth Easier To Deal With

You’ve heard enough stories from mom and grandmomabout normal delivery to make you squirm. How can something so big come out from something so small! And the pain, and the screaming, and the sweating?

Before you opt for the easy way out and consider a C-section, here are some benefits of normal delivery you should know:

Benefits of normal delivery

  • No surgery – C-section is a major surgery. As a result, this could also involve numerous health risks which involve bleeding, infection and scarring.
  • You’re home sooner – as there’s no post-op care required, you’re home in just a few days. And without any restrictions.
  • Bonding with the baby is faster - as it is easier for the mother to hold her baby immediately.
  • Babies have a stronger immune system – as the baby passes through the birth canal, it receives a healthy dose of good bacteria which can protect immune and digestive system.

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Still not convinced? Even though childbirth is akin to a horror movie script, there are ways you can make it comfortable. These 8 tips for normal delivery will help you handle labour pains and transition smoothly into the delivery process:

  1. Exercise regularly: even if you’ve been a couch potato all your life, it’s never too late to start exercise for normal delivery. Exercise to strengthen your thighs and pelvic muscles that will help you cope with labour. These are the muscles required for labour and can get exhausted easily; seeing the woman giving up due to exhaustion prompts doctors to opt for a C-section delivery. So focus on squats and other lower body exercises but make sure you find someone to teach you the right technique. Check out this pelvic floor muscles exercises that will help you prepare for normal delivery at Reward Me.
  2. Stay away from stress: make a conscious effort to do so as stress reduces the production of oxytocin, a hormone that causes the contractions during labour. This will only prolong the discomfort. Training your mind to remain stress-free will help you breeze through labour.
  3. Breathe correctly: we tend to take our breathing for granted. Correct breathing techniques ensure an adequate oxygen intake which reduces stress, boosts energy and adds to the baby’s growth and development.
  4. Stay away from other people’s stories: you do not want to have any pre-conceived notions or misconceptions influencing you and adding to your fears. If you follow these normal delivery tips, you should find yourself having a safe and comfortable delivery.
  5. Follow a nutritious diet: a daily diet rich in the right vitamins and essential nutrients will give you the strength to combat labour as well as nourish your baby’s growth and position it for a smooth delivery. Ignore food myths.
  6. Keep your weight in check: while the occasional cravings are acceptable, make sure not to overindulge as an overweight mother could face other medical complications.
  7. Read up on advice given by medical experts:   Do not believe everything you read on the internet. Trust only the advice given by medical experts.
  8. Have a strong support system: having your family by your stride builds your emotional strength. which makes a normal delivery easier to deal with.

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