7 Effective Tips to Shed Post Delivery Weight.

7 Effective Tips to Shed Post Delivery Weight

Most women believe they have to bid adieu totheir figures after delivering a baby. However this is far from the truth.

While giving birth to a bundle of joy is more memorable and amazing than anything else in the world, women may also feel that the idea of putting on bundles of weight post-delivery sours the moment ever so slightly. Which is why, we have put together 7 tips that will make weight loss after delivery easy:

1. No Dieting

Dieting can prove to be counter-productive because not being able to eat foods you love, especially when you’re taking on the stressful role of mom, can make you gain weight. Eat a well-balanced range of foods instead. Keep snacks like wheat crackers, carrot sticks and apple slices handy.

2. Eat ‘Super Foods’

You’re now eating for two so you have to ensure you get a lot of nutrition. This is where ‘super foods’, which are light on fat and heavy on nutrients, come in. Foods like fish, milk, yogurt, lean meat, chicken and beans are rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, protein and fibre.

3. Say Yes to Breastfeeding

Research suggests that breastfeeding has the ability to help you with post pregnancy weight loss. It’s good for the baby too, so it’s a complete win-win. 

4. Hydrate

The benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water a day are well-documented. But did you know that it can help with after pregnancy weight loss too? By drinking enough water, you feel full and don’t eat or snack as much. Simple logic!


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5. Exercise

This one is non-negotiable if you want to lose post-delivery weight. Strength training exercises not only help you build strength and burn calories, they also help relieve stress.

6. Get Enough Sleep

You may not believe it but sleeping five hours or lesser a night can cause you to put on weight. That’s because your body naturally releases cortisol, a stress hormone, when you are tired. This hormone causes weight gain.

7.Enlist Help

If, despite doing all of this, you’re still unable to shed those post-delivery kilos, then you should probably consult a dietician or doctor about how to lose pregnancy weight.

Kiss those kilos goodbye!

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