7 Back To School Hacks That Can Prep Your Child Before School Starts.

7 Back To School Hacks That Can Prep Your Child Before School Starts.

Going back to school after the summer vacations can be tough for children and demands a parent’s intervention.

Sun, fun, frolic, games, ice-cold nimbu-paani and hours of idle time; that’s what summer vacation is all about. But can you imagine what it must be like for your child to go from this to books, studies, homework, teachers and all the other rigors of school life?

These 7 tricks should take care of this perfectly:

1. Routine Re-establishment

The last few weeks of summer vacation should ideally be used to kick start the school-day rhythm. Getting your child to wake up and get dressed at the same time every morning, like he/she would for school, works wonders. You could also take it a step further and arrange for breakfast, lunch and snacks to be eaten around the same times your child will eat in school. This way, when the school rush comes, it will be much easier to get him/her out of those PJs and into uniform.

2. Encourage Independence

From an entire summer of fun with family and friends, your child is going to get into the grind of school. Once he/she enters school, you’re out of the picture. Which is why, preparing children to be independent is essential. You can do this by letting them organize school materials, write down assignments and manage homework, among other things.

3. Organize

Make a spot at home which is used purely to keep school things like backpacks and lunch boxes. This will avoid all those last-minute scrambles in the morning. Also, sit with your child and make a list of the back to school supplies he/she needs at school; post that list by the front door or on the fridge.


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4. The Homework Routine

Set a daily time for homework and make doing homework at that time an everyday routine. Establish a place for studying at home too; internalization becomes easier if children know that’s where they sit down and do homework, at the same time, every day. Equally important is making yourself available during homework time, especially with younger kids. So plan accordingly.

5. After-School Activities

The thing with school is, it gets out before you get home from work. So, you need to figure out where your children will go, or who will be at home, in the afternoons. There are plenty of after-school programs available through the school itself. Doing so, helps your child better adjust to school.

6. Meet the Teachers

Speak to your child’s teachers to find out their methodology to homework. This way you’re in-tune with what your child is facing with schoolwork and he/she doesn’t feel alone in this. If possible, ask teachers for test and assignment dates so you can help your child plan accordingly. So, if you’re aware of a big test the next morning, you can keep things simple the previous evening.

7. The Routine Chart

You and your child can together plan for his/her success in school. This could mean sitting down with your child to create a routine chart. Ask your child what he/she prefers to do first when he/she first gets home from school; is it playing outside or doing homework? These answers go up on the routine chart and help your kids take responsibility for their routines and successes.

As a parent, it’s up to you to make back to school time a gradual process for your children. Else you risk having your child suffer from minor depression, laziness, disinterest and underperformance from the sudden change.

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