6 Easy Ways to Develop the Perfect Professional Personality

6 Easy Ways to Develop the Perfect Professional Personality

You want to be taken seriously at work. Looking and behaving your best is the key to winning over the client, the business partner, your boss and your colleagues.

Women have joined the corporate world in greater numbers recently. They worked earlier too, yes. But always under the shroud of “a woman can’t do this, a woman can’t do that”. Unfortunately, women continue to be looked upon as weaker, less smart and less capable in the workplace, whatever position they may rise to.

Arrgh, it smarts. Get over it woman and learn how to present yourself in the right light to banish those judgemental eyes and minds forever. We women are born with the natural skills and the personality traits to shine. We just need to bring them to the surface.

Follow these personality development tips to hasten your way to the top.

#1 Communicate correctly.

Interpersonal skills play a big role in communicating correctly and effectively. Be careful with the language you use and your choice of words. It’s okay to lose your temper, but don’t lose your dignity. Nobody likes to hear inappropriate words.

Practice your diction. Learn to speak slowly, clearly and without raising your voice. At all times continue to be polite and do not let your volume or pitch escalate.Pick the right words and be firm when you talk.

#2 Take pride in your appearance.

Always be well-turned out. Be particular about your clothes and shoes, your hairstyle, jewellery, make-up, nails and perfumes.

Dress comfortable. Not casually, but not even like you’re about to head for a party. Your hair should be well-groomed and not a distraction. Keep jewellery and make-up to a minimum, and avoid strong perfumes. Your nails should be neat and clean. Flashy nail colours or chipped nails are an absolute no-no.


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#3 Steer clear of the washroom gang

Use the washroom for what it is meant for. Don’t stand chit-chatting with your colleagues discussing office romances, bad bosses, or badmouthing other colleagues. You need to be known as a no-nonsense woman.

#4 Keep your emotions at home

Yes, we women rely on emotions a lot. But if you bring emotion into every discussion or decision, people will soon begin to distrust your ideas and opinions. You need to present yourself as rational and level-headed.

#5 Work. No really, work!

Sorry to bring this up here, but do not play the woman card. Be willing to put in the grunt work and the hours. Do not use your family or home commitments to get out of work. An emergency occasionally is fine, not always. People will smell a rat and you will lose all credibility with your colleagues.

#6 Respect yourself first.

Never compromise on your beliefs. Respect comes from within and if you do not value yourself, no one else will.

Easy, aren’t they? Put these tips into practice and soon you will wow everyone with your professional skills.

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