5 Monsoon Accessories You Absolutely Cannot Do Without.

5 Monsoon Accessories You Absolutely Cannot Do Without

Infections and diseases are very common in the monsoons. But by investing in just a few essentials, you can ensure safety, both for you and your loved ones.

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Which true-blooded Indian doesn’t love the monsoons? Everything about it, right from lowered temperatures, lush scenery and overcast skies to hot bhajiyas and hotter tea, monsoon is definitely a stunning season. That being said, it is also a season that’s rife with bacteria and illness.

5 Must Have Monsoon Accessories for a Safer and Healthier Rainy Season

#1 Umbrellas & Raincoats

  • An umbrella is the perfect rainy day must-have.
  • It protects your hair from getting wet and keeps fever at bay.
  • Raincoats are also a great option as they are robust and offer more protection; works perfectly for bikers.

#2 Footwear

  • Small cuts on our feet can remain unaffected during any other season but the monsoons.
  • That’s because you will inevitably at some point end up wading through sewage or dirty water and increase your risk of contracting infections like leptospirosis.
  • This is where Gumboots are ideal; simply wear them while commuting and take them off when you reach your destination.

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#3 Doormats

  • Overflowing sewage drains are an unavoidable hazard of the monsoon.
  • And we end up trudging through all of that, whether we mind it or not.
  • This is why it’s so important that you have doormats at your doorstep; keep that nasty dirt, sewage and grime from your footwear out of your home and out of your system.

#4 Disinfectants

Come rains and if you don’t stock your cabinet with disinfectants like Dettol and Savlon, you’re asking for trouble. Kill those germs before they spread to your loved ones. Even if you’re drenched and have walked through muck, disinfecting your clothes and shoes with these liquids will give you protection. Also, carry a hand sanitizer in your bag; it helps kill those nasty germs and bacteria that stick to your hands during the rains.

#5 Towels

  • For those times when getting wet is unavoidable, contracting a cold also becomes unavoidable.
  • Which is why, you should keep a towel ready at hand to dry yourself.
  • If you don’t, you’re inviting infections like common cold and viral fever into your life. And we all know what a pain in the neck sneezing fits can be!

So, there you have it! Armed with these 5 monsoon essentials, nothing can stop you and your loved ones from enjoying the rains without compromising on your health.

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