5 Indian Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire Us

5 Indian Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire Us

Everyone knows the stories of successful men. Everyone sings songs of glory for them. But there are as many, if not more, stories of successful women entrepreneurs who overcame countless hurdles to achieve their success.

The business world for the longest time was a male bastion. If at all, women from the family would participate on the side lines.

But times are changing; have changed, in fact. And women are leading the way in literally every field, carving a niche, following their dreams and making it big in what has been a male-dominated world.

Not to make the efforts of the opposite sex seem lesser in comparison, but women entrepreneurs do have to overcome a bit more to get to where they want. There is societal pressure to conform to a set role, there are kind and supposedly well-meaning words that talk about the stress and the cutthroat competition and cultural biases.

But nothing can hold back the Indian women entrepreneurs. Determined, creative, skilled and raring to go, there are stories of countless successful women entrepreneurs who have conquered large corners of sectors including education, social work, retail, and many more.

Unperturbed and unfazed by the limitations of the world, and that of their own bodies, especially during their monthly period, these women have gone on to #OwnThose5days and make a name for themselves.

Here are the stories of five such charismatic and well-known women. Whisper salutes them and thanks them for being role models for countless women to follow.

Suchi Mukherjee

Suchi Mukherjee gave women an e-commerce platform to call their own where they can get all that their heart desires. As the founder and CEO of LimeRoad, her hard work has taken a small idea and turned it into a bustling business with 600+ vendors and a high growth rate.

Aditi Gupta


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Aditi Gupta used her skills and desire to educate women about menstrual health and hygiene to found Menstrupedia. She has helped women overcome the taboo associated with menstruation and given women a forum where they openly discuss their concerns.

Gloria Benny

Gloria, through her organisation MAD (Make a Difference), has brought education to thousands of children across India. She harnesses the enthusiasm of youth and uses their energy to realise her desire for working for the society.


Meena is testimony to the fact that age has nothing to do with success. The brain and hands behind Biba, she converted a hobby, begun at the age of 50, into one of India’s largest readymade ethnic clothing brands.

Pooja Dhingra

Pooja is a well-known name in the culinary field. Her macaroon store ‘Le 15 Patisserie’ in Mumbai is very popular. This chef also has a book - ‘The Big Book of Treats’ - under her name. And all this under 30 which saw her get featured in Forbes India’s prestigious list of ‘30 Under 30′.

India has been a hotbed for enterprises the last many years. And women have seized the opportunity to ride on this wave. They’ve shown that if there’s an idea and determination to go with it, anything is possible.

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