5 Father’s Day Gifts for 5 Different Kinds of Dads.

5 Father’s Day Gifts for 5 Different Kinds of Dads.

Worried about getting the perfect gifts for dad? Interest driven gifts are where it’s at this Father’s Day. Give your Father a gift he won’t soon forget or exchange!

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Truth is, no two individuals are alike. That being said, similar interests, passions and hobbies allow people to bond on the same wavelength. What kind of dad is your dad? Is he the tough, outdoorsy guy or the obsessed techie or the gourmet chef?


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Here are 5 gifting ideas that focus on interests and hence hit the right note. Even if you like this list but don’t find your dad’s hobby or passion on it, it should give you direction in terms of what to pick for your own special dad!

  1. A Kindle

    For the avid-reading and book-consuming dad, Kindle is one of the easiest e-readers to use. The no-glare, e-ink display makes reading it in the sun a completely painless experience. And the built-in backlight makes reading in the dark simple too. It’s instant access to thousands of books right in the palm of his hand. If this is your dad, gifting him a kindle is sure to put you in his good books!

  2. Homebrew Kit

    Yes, most dad’s love beer, but if your dad is a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to his brews, then this one’s for him. What would a person, who believes beer is an art, love? A beer that he brewed, all by himself. His own masterpiece. With a comprehensive kit at his disposal, your dad can toast Father’s Day as the day he created his first beer. All that’s needed are bottles. Cheers!

  3. Survival Kit

    This one’s a perfect gift for outdoorsy fathers; you know, the kind that prefers treks to TV and the type that prefers gathering firewood and using flint to start a fire. Rugged yet stylish, this bag will generally comprise everything from first aid and a pen knife to matches, torches, batteries and everything in between.

  4. Phone Charging Station

    This one’s for the dad who is constantly buying new gadgets and is aware of the latest releases and technological innovations. The phone charging station is nifty, slick and handy. What’s better, the station charges up to five devices at once and is compatible with all devices — Apple, Android, or otherwise. It’s cordless, hassle-free and holds all devices neatly and securely.

  5. A Grill Set

    If your dad’s a chef at heart and loves him some Sunday afternoon grilling, a stainless steel grill set is the perfect gift. It includes everything from a chef's spatula, grill tongs, a silicon basting brush, corn holders, a cleaning brush, and an extra brush head. Throw in a Kiss-The-Chef Apron and a chef’s hat and you have a gift your dad will relish for years to come!

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