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30-minute ‘time for me’ escapes

When the kids are at school or you’ve got home from work, try these little everyday ways to relax and enjoy time to yourself – guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

Half an hour – not much is it? Yet we find ourselves dashing between family, work, friends and home chores often without a break. Finding a way to build a short stress relief escape into your busy schedule could make a big difference.

Treat your face

Try a face pack or have fun with a new make-up technique. Spending time in front of the mirror when you don’t have to dash out somewhere gives you a chance to try a new style that might change your whole outlook.

Craft your coffee

Don’t just make a quick instant tea or coffee, experiment with a frother or spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, or scour your recipe books for a new drink. Find a new twist on a hot chocolate or create a delicious infusion with hot water, fruits and flavours like fresh ginger.


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Scrapbook magazine features

If you usually only get a chance to read the short news and fashion pages of your magazines or the weekend papers, keep a folder or a box in the kitchen and tear out interesting-looking articles that are too long to read at that moment. Then when you’ve got a little time to yourself, pull one out.

Send a postcard

It’s a lost art! We might text and call friends all the time, but sitting down and writing a note or a postcard can be great fun and will give the person who receives it a lovely surprise.

Set a goal

If you have a task you’ve been meaning to do (book a holiday, shop around for home insurance etc) then break it down into bite-sized chunks and get these done half an hour at a time –eg looking for destinations, checking flight times etc. At the end of it you’ll feel you’ve really achieved something.

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