10 Ways ToSoothe First Pregnancy Tension

First Time Pregnancy Tips That Will Definitely Calm You Down!

You’re pregnant. And you’re terrified. But you’re not alone. Here are some fail safe tips on how to survive your first pregnancy.

Either you were expecting it,or it caught you by surprise. But you’re pregnant, for the first time. And now, after the euphoria has ebbed a little, you’re terrified of what lies ahead. Nobody can be prepared for a first pregnancy, never having been pregnant before. 

Here are a few first time pregnancy tips for nervous moms (and dads too!)

Tip#1: Managing your emotions

First time pregnant moms often don’t know what hit them. You will go through the entire roller-coaster of emotions – elation, fear, panic, regret, insecurity. This is normal and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Accept the emotion and look for ways to get over it. Do things that make you happy and keep away from negative talk.

Tip#2: Get some exercise

Maybe you already have an exercise routine. Don’t change it, not unless your doctor says so. If you’re a lazy sort, maybe it’s time you got moving. Exercise keeps you happy and keeps you fit. It could be anything – walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, etc. Pick what you’re comfortable with. Check out these 11 simple ways to stay fit during pregnancy here.

Tip#3: Eat healthy

The way you feel depends entirely on what you eat. Chuck that junk food and stock up on healthy foods. Make and eat fresh meals every day.

Tip#4: Get some sleep

As you progress in your pregnancy, you will find it increasingly difficult to sleep through the night. If there’s a first pregnancy tip, it is to sleep well in the first two trimesters.

Tip#5: Have the talk

Pregnancy will change your life and that of your partner. Instead of assuming what is to be done, sit down and discuss adjustments even before junior is out. Prepare your partner for mood swings and unreasonable demands. It’s natural, don’t fight it.

Tip#6: Pamper and treat yourself

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Pregnancy makes the most self-assured woman feel ugly and depressed at some point. Treat yourself to a new haircut, a day out with your girlfriends or some jewellery. And treating doesn’t mean eating junk food.

Tip#7: Stop worrying

Yes, easier said than done, but now that baby is on its way, worrying isn’t going to help. Rather, start planning. Start a small savings account for the child where you put in money every month, look for a good health plan, get your emotional support group in place, find a good doctor, etc.

Tip#8: Get physical

Not exercise; we already covered that. Enjoy the intimacy with your partner before pregnancy comes in the way, literally. Once the emotional and nauseating first trimester has passed, enjoy some private moments with your partner. It’ll be difficult before you know it, and you’ll miss it.

Tip#9: Minimum maternity clothes

Don’t swap your entire wardrobe. And don’t opt for hand-me-downs or dressing gowns all through the nine months. Buy a few pieces that reflect your style and make you look and feel sexy. You do know that you get maternity jeans and leggings now?

Tip#10: Learn to relax

Learn to do nothing. Practise breathingor yoga. Spend time chatting with a friend. Learn some mindless hobby like knitting (you can make some cute booties).

Note: It is important to know that during early days of pregnancy, it is somewhat common in a few women to bleed around the same time their periods are due. Don’t panic! Just keep Whisper Ultra handy. If the bleeding seems to be heavy in any way visit your Gynaecologist immediately.

There you go, 10 ways to survive your pregnancy. Countless women have done it before. You can too.

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