10 Unexpected Changes When You Are Expecting

10 Common Physiological & Hormonal Changes You Will Experience During Your Pregnancy!

A pregnancy is a milestone event in a woman’s life. The body and the mind go through several changes. What can you expect?

Congratulations! You’re pregnant. (Or your wife is.) Everybody talks about how a baby will change your life. But that’s still many months away. Before your life becomes all about Pampers and Baby Food and a completely different sleep pattern, even your body will undergo many changes while you are pregnant – both, physical and emotional. Not every woman is the same, but there are a few common changes during pregnancy that you can expect. 

  1. Tenderness of breasts: Your breasts may grow larger and feel tender to the touch. As you progress in your pregnancy, your breasts may even leak a milk-like substance, called colostrum. Wear a well-fitting bra and use a soft cloth or a wad of tissue to soak up the leaking fluid. Discard the cloth at the earliest to prevent skin irritation. 
  2. Frequent urination: Pregnancy puts extra pressure on your kidneys, and later in the pregnancy, the weight of the baby presses down on the bladder, creating the urge to go often. 
  3. Bleeding gums: Your baby will take calcium from your body for its growth. Supplement it by increasing your intake through your diet. Pregnancy hormones can also make your gums bleed. When you find out you’re pregnant, go to a dentist for a full check-up. Practise better oral hygiene during those nine months. 
  4. Aching joints and ligaments: As your pregnancy progresses your body makes changes to accommodate the baby and to facilitate baby’s birth. Ligaments and tendons are stretched and this could result in aches and pains, especially in the lower back and the along the sciatica (from the back through your backside, down the calves to your feet). Mild exercise can help ease the pain. If you must take a painkiller, check with your doctor first. 
  5. Shortness of breath: Baby will take your breath away, literally, even before born. The weight presses up on your diaphragm, making you feel breathless. This is when you must take it easy and look for comfortable positions to sit or lie down. 
  6. Constipation: One of the hormonal changes during pregnancy is constipation. Avoid straining; instead drink a lot water, exercise and include fibre in your diet.
  7. Heartburn and gas: Mostly experienced during your third trimester, this is due to the relaxation of the valve between the stomach and the oesophagus that lets stomach acid make its way up. Ask your doctor for some counter-measures. 
  8. Hair and nails: One of the noticeable physiological changes during pregnancy is the growth of hair and nails. You will enjoy many good hair days during pregnancy because of the increased levels of oestrogen. But you can also sprout hair in unwanted places – upper lip, back, breasts, etc. Your nails can also become coarse and brittle. 
  9. Skin: The ‘pregnancy glow’ is because of the heightened blood flow to the skin. But that’s the good news. Unfortunately, other changes in body during pregnancy include stretch marks, heightened acne, freckles and moles. 
  10. Body temperature: You will feel warmer and sweat more. Wear loose cotton clothes during summer, remain indoors, and stay cooland hydrated. Your urine should be light yellow or clear if your body is receiving sufficient fluids. 
  11. Feet: Your old shoes might not fit suddenly. A spurt in the growth hormone could be the reason. The arches of your feet might flatten out, and you might suffer from swollen ankles too.

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