10 Easy Ways to Beat Stress before Your Wedding.

10 Easy Ways to Beat Stress before Your Wedding

Weddings are stressful. Why let the worry of things not going as per plan put you off from the best day of your life? Need some stress busters?

Getting married is fun, but not easy. There’s so much to do to pull off the event flawlessly. The planning, the co-ordination and the execution can take a toll on anybody. And as a bride, you have to come off looking radiant and absolutely stunning, that too, effortlessly. You’d be forgiven for stressing over it.

Have you considered stress management exercises to take the pressure off? These are exercises for women that will not only help you look good on the outside but also feel good from the inside.

We’ve put together some weight loss exercises for women that you can begin much before your special day. We’ve also thrown in some health tips for women to help you cope with the mental exhaustion.

Tip 1: Stick to a routine

Find a comfortable, working exercise regime and stick with it. Don’t push yourself too hard from the first day or you’ll waste days just recovering. 30-60 minutes, 4-5 times a week is ideal.

Tip 2: Vary the routine

This might contradict what we just said, but this means finding various exercises and different intensities to keep your motivation going. The same exercise day in and day out will leave you bored. Have fun and make it last, until the big day.

Tip 3: Weight for it

Weight training is a great way to burncalories and tone muscles. If you can’t handle weights, alternate your regular exercise with weight resistance exercises like lunges or squats.

Tip 4: Eat!

Stress can make you forget to eat or make you lose your appetite. That’s like adding fuel to fire. Eat well in the days leading up to the wedding. You are exercising, so stop counting calories. Eat protein and get daily carbs too.

Tip 5: Portion control

Yes, we said eat, but eat right. This is not the time for dieting or binge eating. Control your portions, and get plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.


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Tip 6: Go to bed

Before the wedding, silly. What did you think! Get enough rest. A wound-up, fatigued body is going to show on your face. All those hours spent shopping, planning, exercising need to be compensated. Sleep.

Tip 7: Yoga works

Learn to calm your mind as well. Add yoga – stretching and breathing – to your exercise routine. While you are doing yoga, you can do a few yogasanas that will help your skin for your D-Day! Check out these 3 yoga poses for glowing skin here.

Tip 8: Meditate

Spend some time alone every day just to relax. Don’t think of anything at all, or just visualise the perfect wedding. A warm bath or soothing music is a way to wind down.

Tip 9: Look at the bigger picture

The wedding is your day and you can’t lose track of the wonderful man you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. Everything is just temporary. Don’t worry too much and just focus on ‘happily ever after’.

Tip 10: Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.

Yes, you like to stay on top of everything, but not at your own wedding. You can’t sit at the shaadikamandap and also call up the caterers or florist. Once you decide on who will do what, let them be. Do not micromanage. Have a designated contact person for each of these people to call if there’s a snag.

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