7 Tell-Tale Signs That Say You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy often takes you by surprise. The strange sensations and unusual emotions you have been feeling over the last few days could unnerve you if you cannot pinpoint the reason.

While you will need a pregnancy test or a sonography at your doctor’s clinic, if you are nodding your head at the early symptoms of pregnancy listed below, chances are you have a baby on the way

1. Sore breasts: Breasts are extremely hormone sensitive so they tend to swell up and feel heavier than usual or even painful to touch as progesterone levels in the body increase. At the onset of pregnancy breasts fill out and change shape as they prepare to produce milk. The areolas or the circles around the nipples may turn dark or reddish as the body prepares itself for breast feeding.

2. Morning sickness: Most pregnant women start to feel nausea and uneasiness when they're about 6 weeks along, but some can experience morning sickness as early as two weeks which unfortunately can occur morning, noon and night. 

3. Fatigue: Daily chores may tire you out even otherwise but when the staircase feels like Everest and you would rather nap than go to work, your baby is probably starting to use up your calories which can wipe out your energy reserves.

4. Frequent urination: Pregnancy puts your bladder on overdrive as your body produces a lot of extra fluids.  It also causes your uterus to press directly on the bladder leading to more frequent urination. So if you are taking too many pee breaks or find yourself unable to sleep through the night without a trip to the loo, it might be a sign. The added pressure and intestinal changes may also cause constipation.

5. Bloating: Progesterone slows down your digestive system leaving you feeling puffy. So if you are struggling to fit into a pair of jeans that fit you fine last week, blame it on the hormones!

6. Cravings: When you are pregnant, your body is working hard to grow the baby and you need 300 extra calories a day. Carbohydrates are easily metabolized and that is exactly what your exhausted body demands to keep energy levels up. With your taste buds tingling and your heightened sense of smell you might develop a new food addiction or aversion every day. Some women also feel hungry all through the day! Read the different foods one must have during pregnancy.

7. Missed periods: You get your period every month because that means your egg wasn't fertilized. If you're skipping a month, that means there's a probably baby on board! However stress, diet or an irregular schedule can also be the culprits for a missed period, so it’s best to get tested before making the big announcement! That said, spotting, light bleeding or shorter than usual periods are common amongst pregnant women and could be a sign of implantation.

Could I be pregnant? If that is the question on your mind, all you need to do is pay close attention to the early symptoms of pregnancy your body is giving you. Get tips on how to confirm pregnancy without using a kit.

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