6 Tips To Develop a Magnetic Personality

Some people are natural charmers and everybody wants to be around them. Becoming more likeable and interesting isn’t all that difficult, and with the right effort, developing a more well-rounded and dynamic personality is possible.

You meet some people and are immediately struck by their personality. Dynamic, effervescent, magnetic. Everybody seems to be drawn to them. And you wish you could be like that too.

With a little effort and practice you can.

To become a natural charmer and to draw people towards you, you need to understand the importance of personality development. Of course, heredity does play a role here. If your parents are gregarious, chances are you will be too. But if they’re shy, you run the risk of being a wallflower.

Have you ever wondered if there are some tips to improve personality?

Read. And then read some more.

Open your mind and get out of your comfort zone. Pick up a new book, read new magazines, subscribe to a different newspaper, check out new websites. The different subjects will add more ammo to your conversation arsenal. And make you more interesting to others. Everybody wants something new, and if you can offer them that, then watch out world, the new flavour of the season is here!

To talk well, learn to listen well.

Everybody loves to talk. And every talker needs just one thing – a listener. Paying undivided attention to someone as they speak will make them feel like the only person in the room. Listening is a dying art, and if you can listen well, you will be the charming person everyone gravitates to.

Also, listening to someone means they will (hopefully) accord you the same respect and listen to you when you talk.

Make new friends.

Yes, after a certain age it might seem daunting to make new friends. Join a club or a hobby class, something that allows you to meet strangers without the pressure of making conversation. Different people mean different cultures and different ways of doing things. You will broaden your mind and also learn a new hobby.

Be a ray of sunshine.

No one wants to hang around constant grumblers or complainers. The negativity that they reek of gets too much to bear. Smile, be cheerful, greet people warmly, find nice things to say about them and watch their faces light up when they see you.

Oh yes, make them laugh too.

Respect others.

Joking is one thing, laughing at someone quite another. Don’t laugh at someone’s expense. Nobody will like you for that. Treat people with the same respect you would want.

Support others, encourage them, cheer them up. Everybody loves a sincere individual.

But remember to be yourself.

You are you – unique, individual and unlike anybody else. Personality development skills should add to your existing personality, not mutate it. Don’t try and be something you're not just to fit in.

Remember, personality development is a continuous process. Always be on the lookout for new opportunity to mould yourself into a better human being. Read 6 easy ways to develop a professional personality here.

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