3 Reasons For Exercising & 4 Exercises To Do During Menstruation

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The last thing you want to do when you have periods is move. Exercise is even farther from your thoughts. But do you know the benefits of exercising during your periods?

You want to shut out the world and stay bundled up in your bed during your periods. But that doesn’t really help. What will help is if you decide to exercise during periods.

Exercise! You heard that right. While you might not feel like moving an inch, it has been scientifically proven that exercise during menstruation actually makes it easier to relieve all the nasty symptoms that accompany you on those 5 days. Say hello to exercise and say goodbye to cramps and bloating and mood swings.

Whisper understands your symptoms and seeks to offer you ways to help feel better, through sports and exercise.

3 reasons why you should perform physical activities during your periods.

Reason #1: Exercise during menstruation helps relieve period symptoms

  • When you exercise, your body sweats, relieving the bloating feeling you’ve been carrying around all this time.
  • Also, exercise releases endorphins. These happy hormones will take care of your mood swings.
  • The blood that gets flowing also helps ease the cramps you feel.

Studies have shown that higher levels of physical activity mean lesser PMS symptoms. 

Reason #2: Exercise during periods is more effective

  • Lower levels of oestrogen and progesterone during your periods give your body better access to carbohydrates.
  • This means, you can get more out of shorter but more intense workouts than you would on other days.

Reason #3: You stay cool longer

  • You might have noticed your body being a little cooler during your periods, specially your hands and feet.
  • This allows you to push harder and workout a bit more than you would normally before the body warms up to the point of fatigue. 

4 Exercises That Can Help You Fight Period Pain

1. Aerobic exercises

If you don’t feel enthusiastic about performing at your usual intensity, try some simpler aerobic exercises like running on a treadmill, Pilates, etc. If you play any games, continuing your sports during periods is a good idea.

2. Yoga

By trying some breathing and relaxation exercisesyou can reduce the stress and tension, in both mind and body. There are yoga postures that have been created specifically for the abdomen that can soothe painful muscles.

3. Lift Weights

If you don’t feel like moving around much, try lifting weights during your periods. You can burn calories even when at rest. Work out all major muscle groups. You can do smaller sets with lighter weights.

4. Swim

Swimming during periods is not impossible. You can wear a tampon and take a dip, whether it is to swim laps or just to float around. The water will make you feel lighter and you’ll feel fresh too. Change your protection before and after the swim.

Listen to your body

Just because it’s ok to exercise during your periods doesn’t mean you have to. Listen to your body and work out only as much as your stamina permits you to.

Your breasts are sore and tender during your periods. Wear the right sports bra to keep them from getting bruised during your workouts. Also, make sure you have the right protection to stay dry and comfortable.Irregular periods is one of the common problems faced by most women these days. Check out causes & home remedies for irregular periods here at our blog.

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