Is your period ruining your sleep?

Is your period ruining your sleep?

On top of the headaches, skin issues and cramps, your time of the month can bring craziness to your sleep cycle. Here’s what to do about it.

Whether you find it harder to fall to sleep or you’re tossing and turning all night, sleep deprivation is a common period-related problem. The hormones that regulate your menstrual cycle, namely estrogen and progesterone, are to blame as they have a knock-on effect on your sleep cycle. And, of course, sleeping is trickier when you’re also dealing with cramps, bloating, back ache, headaches and heavy bleeding, not to mention the fear of leaks. Here, we reveal the problems your cycle can cause, plus the solutions that will help you go from counting sheep to a good night’s sleep.  


The problem: You’re hot and bothered

The reason: Your body temperate can go haywire after ovulation, which is why your bedroom can suddenly feel like a furnace. In fact, some experts say your temperature can rise by almost half a degree after ovulation. The problem is, we actually sleep best when our body temperature drops slightly.

The solution: Keep your bedroom cool and your bedding light. You can also ‘trick’ your body into feeling sleepy, by taking a warm bath or shower before bed. It may sound counterintuitive, but the contrast between the warm bath and your cooler bedroom environment will make your body temperature drop and help you reach a sleepy bliss. 


The problem: Worrying is keeping your eyes wide open

The reason: Whether it’s leftover PMS stress or you’re fretting about your pad leaking, no wonder your mind isn’t in a fit state for sleep.

The solution: Whisper Ultra Nights XL+ With Wings  offer 10-hour leakage protection, meaning that’s one less thing to worry about. Gentle yoga moves or relaxation techniques before bed may also help because relaxing your body will lull your brain into following suit.


The problem: You’re too stuffed to sleep

The reason: Your period can make you ravenous, which means late night pizza and ice cream can seem tempting. The problem is, midnight munchies can leave you wide awake with an overly full belly.

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The solution: If you want a snack before bedtime, ditch the fat and sugar-laden treats in favor of something small and easy to digest, such as a banana or a bowl of natural Greek yogurt.


The problem: You slept but you still feel groggy in the morning.

The reason: Changing hormones can interfere with your deep sleep stages, meaning that even if you got your eight hours, they might not have been good quality.

The solution: Exercise helps to promote deep-sleep stages. Not only that but an active lifestyle also reduces stress and boosts energy. It’s a win-win.


The problem: You can’t fall asleep

The reason: During your period, your body's levels of the hormone progesterone drop dramatically. This can make it hard to sleep because progesterone is a soporific hormone, meaning it has a mild sedative effect.

The solution: In the days leading up to your period, do your best to stick to regular bedtime and wake-up times as this increases your body’s ability to fall asleep.


What’s your top sleep tip? Share your experiences in the comments section below – and for more ideas on making your time-of-the-month a breeze, go to Whisper .

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